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3  Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger

3 Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger


3 Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger

        The current coronavirus lockdown interrupted our everyday routine and forced us to turn our homes into co-working spaces. Arguably this quarantine has had many positive impacts on our health. However, the sudden change of workplace poses challenges for many people. What used to be our oasis of relaxation, is now also our work environment. Partners and roommates become our co-workers and the line between private and work life becomes blurred. Instead of getting up and getting ready for work, many of us decide to stay in pajamas and leave the bed only to visit the fridge or the bathroom.

            This new situation results in decreased productivity, motivation, and less efficient work. Dressing as you would on a typical business day can have major benefits. According to research, dressing professionally has not only a psychological effect on how others perceive you but also on your own thinking. Thus, getting up and dressing properly for work should be seriously considered. Of course, dressing up at home wouldn’t be as fun without upgrading your closet with the most recent seasonal fashion. Inspired by the world’s top fashion designers trends for the upcoming season, we at Grrly Grrls picked the 3 most essential items for home-office fashion.

Simply Shirt!

Valentino, Dior, Versace, and co. celebrate one of the most iconic and timeless style pieces by combining it with a variety of styles. Shirt meets glamour, sports(wear), and boho-chic: The runway hasn’t seen a style combination that didn’t exist. A simple shirt allows you to appear professional at video conferences, no matter what you combine it with. Grrly Grrls’ long sleeve casual white collar blouse is a great shirt for everyday wear as well as for business purposes. In addition, it is easy to combine with anything. Made from lightweight fabric, it will keep you cool and comfy.

3 Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger

Naughty Little Cut Outs


Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk left a strong impression at the biannual show season: The two models, wearing Versace and Oscar de la Renta, exposed a small section of their mid-section on the runway and moved the audience into astonishment. With asymmetrical cut outs the world-leading fashion houses are giving new zest to the new season. However, for work purposes we don’t want to exaggerate. Naughty little cut outs around the shoulder area are enough to create an eye-catching accent. Grrly Grrls’ cozy turtleneck pullover with shoulder cut out is the perfect piece to make a striking impression while still staying classy. 

3 Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger


Neon Colors

Over the last couple of years, the 80s neon trend found its revival. Renowned designer brands agree on the fluorescent color trend also for the spring 2020 season. The vivid colors do not only bring happiness back to these gloomy days, but they also bring the spring into the house. Besides, neon colors spice up any suiting situation. Grrly Grrls’ turn down collar neon yellow blouse is the perfect garment to make a bold statement in any virtual meeting. The playful blouse with puff sleeves and open button detail guarantees good-mood and success at work.

3 Must Have Items To Wear During Quarantine by Judith Prugger

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    on May 26, 2020 14:50

    Right on! I couldn’t agree more. Just like having a designated place to work in your home, wearing something other than pajamas will help keep you on track.

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