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A Handbag For Every Occassion by Sierra Carroll

A Handbag For Every Occassion by Sierra Carroll

The first handbag or “coin purse” dates back as far as 5,000 years. They were originally used by men to carry essential items like coins and currency during their travels.

Once the Industrial Revolution came around, young women were learning how to sew prior to getting married, and many of them learned how to make these coin purses, which eventually lead to the creation of the modern day handbag.

Nowadays, there’s several versions of the handbag. There’s satchels, crossbodys, shoulder bags, and so many more.

Bags are essential, because they not only help elevate your outfit, but they also carry all of life’s necessities, such as your money, keys and ID.

Grrly Grrls has several affordable handbags to help you carry all of your personal belongings, while keeping you stylish. You can never have enough bags.


Animal Print

Animal print bags are a perfect statement piece for any outfit. Our Vintage Leopard Clutch Bag is a bold and trendy accessory for a night out on the town. Our Croc Pattern Shoulder Bag is a sleek purse to wear when running errands, or for a special event. If you’re looking for a more minimal style, the Large Capacity Bag has snake skin detailing that can compliment anything in your closet.  



Not every bag we own has to be designer, but it’s always fun to spoil ourselves every once in a while. The Michael Kors Shoulder Bag is just big enough to fit your keys, phone and wallet, but also comes in a cute, compact shape. The Michael Kors Saffiano Bag can be worn with your favorite trench for a sophisticated, winter look. The Coach Crossgrain Sierra Bag screams elegant, and everyone will be wanting to know where you got it!



You got to love a fun, trendy bag! If you’re looking for something a little less serious, our Milk Carton Shoulder Bag is guaranteed to make you laugh. Cherry accessories are always a cute and quirky statement piece, and our Fashion Bucket Leather Handbag is just that. Cow and zebra prints have been trending since they emerged in the 2019-2020 fashion weeks. Our Zebra or Cow Pattern Handbag comes in both of these cute trendy styles!


Trendy Chains

Chains were a major accessory trend in the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collections. Our Luxury Crocodile Pattern Chain Bag is a great alternative to the popular Bottega Veneta handbag.

If you’re looking for something more simple, our Chain Strap British Square Bag is the perfect piece to accessorize your outfit with. 



The shoulder bag will always be a staple, because they’re cute, just as much as they are functional. Our Sheepskin Shoulder Handbag fits everything you need to take with you, while also matching everything in your closet. Our Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag is another option if you’re looking for something that fits all of your necessities.



Crossbody bags are great for when you need something that’s big enough to carry your belongings, but is smaller than a shoulder bag. Our Square Leather Purse is the perfect size for a concert or a party. Or if you’re looking for something more high end, our Flap V Leather Clutch Bag will look fabulous draped around your shoulder, and it comes in several colors!


The Satchel

We couldn’t forget the men of course! Although women predominantly use handbags today, that doesn’t mean men can’t! The Genuine Leather Messenger Bag is a great way for men to carry their things in something that’s a little bit bigger than a wallet. While our Genuine Leather Laptop Bag can carry books for school, or a laptop for work.  




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