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Are Ya Serious?

Are Ya Serious?

Are Ya Serious

                                    Just this past week, we as fashion watchers fell witness to an amazing event which went automatically viral-what was it? the balloon dress, and who was the fun designer that created this look? It was Central Saint Martins fashion graduate Fredrik Tjærandsen. His inventive and surprising styles made the fashion runway’s hottest looks.

                              When people told others about this inventive show, they did not know what to expect. Watching the media, there was either criticism or compliments of this viral look. Many question if this look is intended for every one with any shape. Plus size women are all part of this style and look as well.

                              For balloon dresses is fast becoming an obsession and the start of a more out of this world look. You can bet that by spending the day wearing this  balloon dress, you can possibly be noticed and it isn’t quite low key. Shape shifting is part of this look.

                               At first, it can be a little over the top and extravagant but what else is? The whole position of this designer Fredrik Tjærandsen, was to engage others to try on something different without worrying about the design in general. It can never be a drastic look, but it can be quite claustrophobic.

                                   Not alot of designers would think of this unlimited look, where the models at the recent fashion show at the Central Saint Martin’s school graduate fashion show, shown how they doubled as models and great accomplices.

                                  The fashion student Fredrik Tjærandsen done his part in getting close to what his designers are crediting as  different but playing along while being fun and creative. Never looking uncool, the dress actually deflates. It even got applauses as it happened. Basically, if you walk close to the models, you can see the evolution. It isn’t a bit firghtening. However, it is like a twister game or a nice tall rollercoaster ride which  keeps people on their toes without going flat.        

                               Balloon dresses is quite a working idea that is no longer in progress, but it is the type of dress that has done well for the up and coming designer. It can brignten anyone’s life. The balloon dress fashion show has even have its followers and you can catch it online, including you tube.

                            If you were awake over the past 24 hours, you can see this show online. It was even featured on the show Pg Six. Though there are many who will possibly oppose this look and rather not  choose this look due to the shape reminding them of specific male anatomy, but the designer did so much to making it a refined piece.

                   A dress that is anti- gender and gender fluid. It also is the perfect instrument of choice when showing out of this universe  style. Oridinarily this look will be passed on or looked upon as being an embarassment, but this impressive fashion show will make this designer’s career soar and it will  pass as an dress with grace and a plenitude of high quality. The designer, Fredrik Tjærandsen will receive accolades for his inventive design in the end.


     Veronica Felipe 

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