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Ariana Grande’s Faux Ponytail Trend

Ariana Grande’s Faux Ponytail Trend

Ariana Grandes Faux Ponytail Trend

                                   After we witnessed what a great spectacle Ariana Grande has become, we can evenuallly see ourselves concluding our looks with similar style. Everyday embracing more and more of  her Hollywood accesorzing and kind wardrobe choices. One thing is cerrtain though, her faux ponytail is fast becoming her trademark style.

                             It may not be easy to put on, but it looks elegant and beautiful. Ariana has worn many lengths and many hair colors. This look seems suitable for any young millnnneal  woman out there wanting  to steal this look!

                              It is not enough that  Ariana Grande has the singing chops or comedic acting style as lucy, but she is fast becoming young Hollwoods fashion and beauty icon. If you were at Coachella, you can observe this fashion iconness firsthand and know how wonderful it seems to even categorize  her as  a living legend. Not since the likes of Myriah Carey or Janet Jackson have we seen such an adventurous spirit.

                             Though she doesn’t move like Janet or have a diva quality like Myriah, Ariana is still learning and valuing her looks. She has made hair more noticeable and  glamorous. Ariana has grown from  the moments of greatness and has taken every possible advantage alongside the road to sucess. This may have been rough rode, but she has mustered her way into the hearts of many young followers and fans.

                           Liberating many young women to use faux ponytails or wigs. Allowing then to explore and share on instagram or in other social media platforms. You can even see it in the public eye. Ariana is a scene stealer with many hair looks and styles. There is the blonde look, the sleek look, the braided look and the cherry red look that she dawned in the early 000’ s in the role of  Kat in the show Victorious and the spinoff Sam and Kat both on Nicklelodean.

                        Her many looks have marked  the true test of time. For we have watched her grow up literally right in front of our eyes. When Ariana Grande posted on instagram a photo of her cutting off her ponytail, it made waves. For overall her faux ponytail look was not chosen for her but literrally  fell onto her shoulders.

                         Emerging as a look that is both high end and refined. Her series of looks can make millions want  a faux  ponytail. Furthermore, Ariana’s faux ponytail will be memoralized and made into an emerging trend for over years to come.. It is easy to handle and no need for regrets.

                     Ariana is granted the wish to becoming the kind of top star that can ingnite a stable look and not a terrorizing one. Her faux ponytails are never overrated, but makes sleek poytails fancy again. Just as similar as Alicia Keys Braids or Farrah Fawcetts fluffly waves. It is exactly what we are dealing with. The beautiful move for a faux ponytail  trend that is making a workable style not cheap but very attainable. It can be easily adjustable as well. Shining light to the need for more hair ideas.


Veronica Felipe

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