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Aries Fashion by Kailah Kloes

Aries Fashion by Kailah Kloes


 Aries Fashion by Kailah Kloes


     As it is now officially April of 2020 (hopefully nothing more dramatic occurs this year) it is now once again the month of Aries. If you are not in the realm of astrology, Aries is a zodiac sign represented by the ram, and if you are born between March 21st and April 20th, you are indeed an Aries! They are a cardinal sign, meaning the joy of the beginning of a new start, which is precisely what spring is all about. The color they represent is red, and the ruler on their sign is Mars, the Roman god of war.


      Their strengths include being determined, ambitious, courageous, passionate, and being overall a natural-born leader. Their weaknesses include impatience, moodiness, and being impulsive and too aggressive at times. The likings of Aries include being a leader, productivity, and challenges, particularly physical ones.


With that said, the perfect wardrobe for an Aries include:



  • Joggers are the kind of clothing where they are comfortable and stylish enough to feel like a leader and also a productive member of society. This dual function of joggers makes them a perfect asset in their wardrobe, and they probably have multiple pairs. They most likely would wear black or dark grey colored joggers.


Black or Red Checkered Skirt

  • While Aries like to be comfortable, they also like style too. A black band tee with a red checkered skirt is one of an Aries’s go-to outfits when they want to look stylish without too much effort. This is also paired with some kind of tights (fishnet, sheer) and black boots.


Red turtleneck/sweater

  • This would be a good layering piece for Aries, as layering a t-shirt over a turtleneck is easily one of Aries’s favorite fashion styles.


Black combat boots

  • These are easily an essential in Aries’s wardrobe. Something about combat boots scream fierceness and edginess while having comfort and casual look.


Black converse

  • While combat boots are essential, they do not go with every single outfit or are the appropriate shoe to wear. Aries other go-to shoe are their black converse, a shoe that could go with anything he or she would wear. Comfortable and expressing an edge that oozes with confidence as well as an easy-going aura.


Red/black/silver accessories

  • Black chokers, studded earrings, a nose piercing even. Aries values accessories to add emphasis to their outfit. It adds the passion into their casual look, and makes them stand out even more with their fiery persona.

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