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Back to the Future - Neon Makes a Comeback

Back to the Future - Neon Makes a Comeback


Back to the Future - Neon Makes a Comeback

         Neon has came to us like a dream last year. We got a glimpse of it again on the runways this year for Spring fashion 2019. What was missing? Nothing because everything was good. There were bright yellow athletic type crop tops or a very smart utility pant paired with an extremely beautiful neon pink top. It was enticing.

                                The whole idea of neon last year was to spring upon us the need for color, especially bright colors. This is what identifies us. Brighter colors signifies sorted feelings of rebellion and confidence. You can actually see neon colors miles away, but why not want attention?

                              Working to the goal of rewinding the clock to the 80’s is what  neon colors serves, as a trend for young urbanites and those who love urban wear to wear them proudly. The way we see neon colors is similar to the ways we see fresh fashion, it is drop dead gorgeous but also requires a certain type of personality.

                           The only way we can see neon colors as favorites is if we  visit big cities like New York, Chicago or even global spots like Tokyo and Paris. It will never be driven away from us rather inspiring us to dare ourselves and strengthen the bond of our inner fashionista.

                            In fact,  last year, many fashion magazines were hesitant to follow this trend, mostly because many did not get it. We can wipe our eyes and see the minutes to this trend to come alive again, but even the hottest celebrities are actively using this trend.

                          By managing to wearing a monochromatic  color neon pant suits or even flashing colors in accessories that were never even browsed twice. It is a mix of flashy and fierce. Neon colors are very loud but is also very laid back fashion as well. Many can agree that neon colors are interacting with our hair, our face, our shape and most importantly our persona.

                         What other rewarding thing is out there? But to wear the neon fashion trend? Examining the notion that we can do alot for ourselves and save what should not be seen as aggressive or too direct. It is so satisfying to enliven our closets full of neon clothing.

                         Their brilliant colors are seen as being so  inviting and so outrageous that many sometimes cannot pull it off. Though neon colors are powerful and share a mesmerising statement in the end.

                          You can eventually gather  a new feat and a new title of  femininity. Nothing will ever bounce off the walls when we confront someone who wears neon. The difference is that we will grab hold to cool and a bold  fun fashion. Neon fashion have sufficed as a practice that is still out there, but for anyone who wears this trend, they will likely unveil their inner selves. We need the neon fashion trend as a source to timelessness and a lively spirit. Because the number one priority of neon fashion is to keep us happy and creative. Even in an age of dull colors and plain solids.


Veronica Felipe 

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