Bathing Suits - Be Fearless, Show it off! By Aria Carluccio

Tony Engelhart


The crazy thing about wearing a bathing suit is that the more skin you show, the less confident you may start to feel when you wear it. Many women, and even men, find it hard to exhume their true confidence in a swimsuit that is the slightest bit revealing. More often than not, people do not want to wear a sexy swimsuit because of their lack of self-esteem. It is not uncommon for women to feel hesitant before putting on their favorite swimsuit and stepping out into the world. In a generation where physical appearance continues to be a symbol of status, swimsuits are not only beach or pool attire, they are a statement piece. The right bathing suit draws attention to the best parts of a woman's body and highlights her beauty in a sensual way.

Finding the perfect swimsuit that fits the body as well as it fits personality is the most important part. The good news is that there are a variety of bathing suit styles out there for just about everyone. The notorious two-piece bikini is a fearless option for women who not only love their body, but love to show it off. If you enjoy wearing a bikini, but are not quite ready to expose this much skin, a mesh cover up will do just fine. For ladies that are not fans of the two-piece style, a one piece bodysuit is a solid option because it will accentuate curves while not revealing too much. Not many women feel as comfortable as others revealing their midriff. This is completely understandable especially when factors such as social media create pressures for women to have an impeccable body shape. Swimsuit cover ups are a fundamental fashion accessory for the summer. The main purpose of a cover-up is to be draped over a swimsuit, but It can also be used as a “peek-a-boo” moment. When you go to the beach, pool or waterpark, many women will have on cover-ups without realizing how much of a fashion statement they are making. The best bathing suit cover-ups are simple and sexy. A thin piece of fabric or even a crochet garment is the perfect embellishment to a swimsuit, whether it be a one or two piece.

The important thing to remember is that all bodies are bathing suit bodies, no matter the shape or size. Feeling beautiful does come from within but can sometimes be influenced by the way others perceive you. For women who do not feel one-hundred percent confident wearing a swimsuit, surrounding yourself with positive energy and people who see your true beauty can play a huge role. Whether it be a pool party with your closest friends or a family trip to the beach, the perfect fitting bathing suit is essential. Imagine the sun shining, water splashing and tiny trickles of sweat starting to exude, creating a magnificent glow on the exposed skin. The only way to truly enjoy a hot summer outing is to make a bold statement in your swimsuit while feeling fearless and confident with no hesitation.



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