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Becoming a Fashion Icon

Becoming a Fashion Icon

I know what you're thinking -- fashion icon. You picture designer clothes, flashy accessories and wild hair colors . But the truth is becoming a fashion icon is much simpler than that. Anyone can be an iconic fashion figure by following these simple tips!

Step One: Be Unique

If everyone were unique, nobody would stand out. Don't be afraid to be different than others. If you want to wear your hair in a weird color or print, then go ahead! When everyone is wearing the same thing, that's when people begin noticing what's different. Wear clothing items in colors that many people would never think of pairing together. Accessories are the most important aspect of fashion icons' style. Go with the most unusual thing you can find. If a necklace made out of gears and screws is what you think looks good, then go for it!

Step Two: Don't Be Afraid Of Strangers' Opinions

Don't listen to anyone who tries to bring you down because they don't like your look. If they say you look weird, wear it proudly. If someone says you shouldn't wear a certain kind of clothing, wear it anyway. Another thing is not to worry about appearing perfect at all times. Have some dirt on your pants or get caught in a downpour? It's okay! Part of the charm of being an icon is that you do what you want, not necessarily what is expected.

Step Three: Don't Stress About Little Things You Do Wrong

If you trip on the stairs and fall, maybe spill your drink all over yourself at a fancy party, don't fret! When people are watching icons for fashion advice they're looking to be entertained. Don't pretend that everything is going well when you're not. Part of being fashion forward means that fashion icons don't always put their best foot forward -- literally, in this case!

Remember, it's okay to make mistakes or do things your own way. It doesn't matter if someone finds a fashion icon ridiculous because they know what they are doing. By following these steps, anyone can be a fashion icon!

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