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Bella Hadid: The New Classic by Luci Black

Bella Hadid: The New Classic by Luci Black

Bella Hadid is sure to turn heads both on and off the runway. This iconic queen is always raking looks to the next level and is promised to deliver the most fierce serve.  This queen seems to be setting the bar pretty high for what fashion looks like both on duty and off. She likes a tailored classic look with a touch of modern drama.


She always seems out and about dressed to the nines even in her lounge looks. I know that when I go out I hope to be turning heads the same way she does. Keep reading this post to find out how to make a look so hot no one will be able to handle it.


Bella typically is seen in a timeless look. She’s fond of clean lines and defined shapes. This model gives a statement necklace and so should you. If you’re more of a pearls girl grab this new beaded pearl necklace show stopper. It’s so versatile because you can pair it with any look. Casual or formal. If you’re more of a metal lover try out our trendy snake pendants necklace or an initial necklace. You can’t go wrong with either.


Bella on her off days can often be spotted in a classic pair of tapered jeans. My current favorite is a versatile medium wash and we have a wonderful pair of jeans in just that. Black denim is so versatile and you could add your own touch by throwing on a statement denim jacket ours has the cutest tule sleeves!. If denim isn’t your thing you could also opt for a pair of trousers pants. The high-waisted straight-leg pant is a great one!


Lastly cropped tops. And if it's solid you really can’t go wrong. Bella loves a micro top and it is the perfect closet stall for layering. If you're lacking in the crop top department then the cropped corset top is so stylish and great for everyday wear or the Bella also loves a matching set. We have a few great options from a pants suit set to a top and mini skirt. Both are very Bella.

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