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Beyond the Bikini by LucI Black

Beyond the Bikini by LucI Black

Summer is fast approaching, and with summer comes the long-awaited beach days. This last year has truly been a wild one, it is time to grab all your girlfriends and head to the beach! This year beach etiquette is no longer only swimsuits, it’s time to bring style to the beaches. Now, this may leave you wondering, what am I supposed to wear to the beach if not a swimsuit? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.


Hear me out, I’m not saying don’t wear swimsuits to the beach. I'm saying that there is so much more than just a swimsuit that can be worn. Ladies make the sand your runway and the water the backdrop for some cute posts on the gram. This year we’re going all out when the sun is out.


One of the easiest ways to rock a beach-ready look is a summer dress. Summer dresses are perfect to throw over your suit to and from the beach. Maxi dresses are in and cut out Maxi Dresses are great maxi dresses to try but don’t forget about minis! Beach days are the perfect excuse to throw in your favorite micro dresses. Pastels, florals, and lace are total musts. Try out a ruched-style mini!


If you’re looking for something to strut on the beach that’s a little less common, over-accessorizing is going to be key. I’m talking hats, chains, sunglasses and so much more! Start your look off with your go-to teeny bikini and add on a mini skirt or a scarf tied around your waist. Bright bold colors are great, but make sure it doesn’t clash with your suit. For this article, the skirt I’m styling is a layered mini skirt with a butterfly bikini.


Now that you have the foundation to your look layer on lots of necklaces, like seriously more than you’d think you need. Beads and chokers are so on-trend. I’ll be layering on the cutest butterfly necklace ever. Next, you’ll want to throw on a fantastic pair of shades, to not only block the sun but of course the haters. Vintage-style sunglasses are a timeless piece so opt for some bolder shapes. Next, add on a hat or scarf to help add some dimensions to your look. Bucket hats are great for the beach as well as a silk scarf. Last but certainly not least add a fantastic pair of shoes. This could be the most important step, square toes and platforms are so in. Wedges are always a safe bet, avoid straps for sandals as they can give weird tan lines. I’ll be wearing a pair of woven sandals all summer long.

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