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Gender Bending

Gender Bending

Gender Bending                 


           Many have found the adrogeny look to be ultimately achievable. It comes during times of gender wars and LGBQT communities fueled with pride and strength. The look of androgyny was highly focused on the youths and the impact is clear that many have used this look as a rebound to those other hip looks. Like urban or athletica.

                  As it enters its high demands, the surge seems to be employed by those who do not believe in gender typing. Many gender identities can be mysterious but it hasn’t really taken a hit though it is criticized in other ways. In real time, you can see that there are gender abuses and discrimination, but life can provide a surprise. Never shocking. That is why you see more shows on televison celebrating the gender fluid looks, like wearing unisex t shirts or even using boy clothes head to toe.

            It seems to deliver shock and awe but is granted as the most comfortable way to getting the lead out. It can feature adrogenous makeup and hairstyles, although the looks have manufactured looks such as shaved sides as a hairstyle and the need for more punk rock type looks like combat boots and plaids. Some stores even provide rainbow related clothing that banners the solidarity for gay pride. Anyone can garner an adrogenous look not only the gay community. Because adrogenous look fulfills another great trend.

          The androgenous look is devised as a way to be your own person. It can be sharable and easy to pull off. You can see that the caliber of chicness and coolness engaged in this trend. The exchange of this trends is majorly necessary. Many famous rock and roll celebrities even shared this style. Such as the legendary singer Prince and The late and great rock and roll singer, David Bowie that stood out in your mind as a number one adrogenous icon.

        There is initially many influencers that have longed been extensively tied to the adrogenous look and even the kin of famous celebrities are supporting this look, such as Shiloh Pitt whom has come out as being adrogenous, acknowledging that the adrogenous look can even be inspired from a young age. Shiloh is fast becoming a hero in every community and we know now that she is unique.

      We do not have to arrest  ideas that adrogenous looks are ugly or unattainable. It is responding as something involving time, creativity and action. It is emphasized as the best expression and the most brave one at that. It is obvious that the adrogenous look will impact us for a long time. Whether it be in fashion, beauty or anything else. You can believe that the adrogneous looks has hit the fashion scene this season and has made everything perfectly sensible and fresh.

    Without this adrogenous looks, there will not be superficial or hated comments because a lot of trendsetters are admiring this look. What motivates a person’s adrogenous style choice? Being able to be free and being an accurate inspiration.

Veronica Felipe

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