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Bring on the Crop Top

Bring on the Crop Top


Bring on the Crop Top



                                            So, summer has started and many of women , you might think millions of women are basking in the sun wearing a little bitty piece of clothing that seems to have been all the rage-crop tops. The greatest season for wearing the crop tops is the summer when the temps rise and there isn’t a lot of perfect clothing pieces to wear for the hot weather ahead.

                                    You can count on many of these women to even add their special touches to this trend, such as pairing the crop top with a high waisted skirts or shorts or even applying graphics and words on them to display them in all of their glory. No matter what the fad may be, crop tops are selling fast in stores and has been touted as the best thing to ever happen for the summer.

                       Bringing to light the sexiness of it all and reminding others about showing off what God has made you. It doesn’t seem at all basic and it isn’t outrageous. Crop tops can show off anyone’s figure and show into light the beauty that is the belly button.

                       Singers Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have been seen sporting this look and you can see many other young girls and even middle aged women wearing them. It isn’t a trend that seems to be fading, since its inception in the 60’s, crop tops have garnered lovers and haters of the top.

                       Many who love the top say it is a great way to represent your generation and showing bravery in  not hiding  your figure no matter how small or large they may be and then there are the critics who say that it is too distracting or  overly sexualizing and that it should be banned along with leggings.

                                What many people do not know is that crop tops wearers are being misinterpreted as trampy and it should not be  what you are wearing that determines what your behavior is. For crop tops are fun and engaging and can be fit for anyone of any gender or race even.

                           What many people love about the crop top is its style and form. There are crop tops that hide some there and there are crop tops that show a lot. Whether the crop top is being seen as an injustice to women and men or a special kind of clique thing. Crop tops will always be worn at the beach, at the park, or any other public place that screams youth and fun.

                           It isn’t very alarming how many people love this look but it is amazing how many people you spot outside wearing them. You can be on the public bus and there is someone wearing them or you can even be indoors at a school function and there are those wearing them. It isn’t a sin to wear it-a crop top is a piece of clothing that is likeable and can sit well for all the millennials no matter where they live or where they come from.


Veronica Felipe

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