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Couture Has Arrived by Luci Black

Couture Has Arrived by Luci Black

As some of you Grrly Grrls fans may already know, we now offer a wide variety of stunning handmade couture dresses. And those of you who didn’t know, do now. I don't know about you guys but, I absolutely love a stunning dress. There are so many occasions coming up that call for a jaw-dropping dress. So let Grrly Grrls be your one-stop-shop for a runway-worthy look we know you’ll look to die for in.


We have so many different styles of dresses to cater to all of your high-fashion needs. Let me walk you through a few of our favorite styles. If a field of flowers is begging you to run through it, I have the perfect look for you to wear while doing so. It’s so breezy, airy and honestly, it’s everything that cottage core dreams are made of. This dreamy layered tule dress is originally in a stunning lavender but you can get it in the custom color that warms your heart. Such a beautiful dress is perfect to wear with simple shoes, I would suggest a classic white pump. Now, if you're truly running through a field. Barefoot might be a better choice. If you go with the purple color add on our stunning butterfly necklace to truly be a fairy dream.


If mini dresses are more your style, I have one that will definitely make you lose your mind. It is the most iconic black mini dress ever. It’s the perfect combo of sophisticated and sexy. She’s mesh, she has glitter and lace. Literally what else could you ask for? Nothing, I’m telling you it’s everything! When possible, I always like to air on the side of sexy, so I personally would pair this dress with a sleek pair of boots. I would wear our sexy thigh highs in black, but there are 6 colors to chose from. Finish this gorgeous ensemble with our vintage-inspired shoulder bag.


Now last but not least, if you're looking to serve up some of the hottest main character vibes then baby I have just the number for you. She giving you, walk into a room and all eyes on you. This dress is a stunning deep v-neck black ballgown. You will truly be turning heads in this dress. It’s a classic, did someone say black wedding dress? If you really want to look fire, throw on our rhinestone bra and you will be thriving like no other. Finish the look off with a classic black stiletto heel.


You guys might be thinking it can’t get any better than these, well you're wrong. These are just three of the wonderful new dresses we have in. Check out our couture page to make all your dreams come true.

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