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COVID Fashion Moments By Maya Lopez

COVID Fashion Moments By Maya Lopez


COVID Fashion Moments By Maya Lopez


         There is no question the COVID has changed everything. As we reach 100,000 tragic deaths, we look for a distraction from this pandemic and fashion has once again proved to be a wonderful one. Here are a few ways COVID has impacted the industry.....

1. Tie-dye and bleach matching sweat sets.

Tik Tok has provided us with plenty of content during this stay at home period, from dance routines, to the revival of vine-like humor, to arts and crafts. DIY tutorials for bleaching track suits at home are all the rage right now, looking to replicate luxury loungewear such as Cotton Citizen or Vince. However, if you are “bored in the house,” bleaching your own tracksuit is a fun activity. Most brands are heavily promoting their loungewear, so now is a wonderful time to take a look through all their pre-curated collections. Since window shopping is out of the question, shopping online is all the more convenient.


2, Biker shorts are here to stay.

It has been a few summers in a row now that we keep spotting Hailey Bieber popping out in Soho in mini biker shorts and an oversized sweater. Princess Diana and your mom wore this length of athletic shorts, and now so do you, with a twist of course! The modern take on biker shorts is extremely versatile. From running errands to Paris fashion week, you can combine your biker shorts with your old college sweatshirts or a blazer and a Chanel belt chain. This trend seems to be timed perfectly since we are all trying new hobbies which we can social distance and enjoy. Breakout your old bike, pump up the tires, throw on those biker shorts you’ve been lounging around in, and enjoy some fresh air.


Kim Kardashian lives in her shapewear and now so do the rest of us. Recently there have been innovations in undergarments that emphasize comfort. Simultaneously it has become more acceptable to wear these “undergarments” as loungewear and streetwear. Some pieces that have become wardrobe staples include the bodysuit, the biker short, the crop top, and the sports bra. SKIMS and brands that sell similar products have found their niche in the market selling comfortable bras, underwear, and various shapewear solutions. Invest in a matching set and pair with some cozy socks to stay comfortable while getting through the work day.

4. All dressed up but going nowhere.

This trend, which started on the ManRepeller Instagram account, features dressing up during quarantine for no reason whatsoever. Admittedly, it was more popular in the beginning of quarantine when the fascination with WFH was fresh and optimistic. This is one of fashions methods of fighting the virus. With cancelled graduation ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, and all other celebratory occasions, curating a new look is a lovely touch that gives everyone a feeling of normalcy.

5.  Masks, but make it fashionable

If you are in need of a laugh please Google some of the “alternative” face masks solutions people have employed, including lettuce leaves and water jugs. However, after a few weeks our community learned what does and does not make an effective face mask and even put their individual creative spin on them. Since running errands has never been more stressful, so we are all looking for ways to lighten the mood. Vogue published the article “Cloth Masks to Shop Now,” providing readers with countless offers. Running around New York I have seen exciting patterns and designs ranging from designer replicas to your grandmother's sheets reinvented. Joanne fabric has marketed bundles of supplies for sewing masks at home as well as a series of tutorials on YouTube, so take advantage of the trend and stay safe and healthy at the same time!

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