Crazy for Cosmetics by Kyla Outen

Crazy for Cosmetics by Kyla Outen


Crazy for Cosmetics by Kyla Outen


           Is it just us? Or has this pandemic turned into the perfect excuse to have fun with your makeup? Regardless of whether you’re a pro makeup artist or a first-timer, doing and wearing your makeup should be one thing…fun! Yet, as much as there are many people who wear make up daily, there are still some who probably own a makeup bag cluttered with everything one can imagine. So why not take a minute to organize your makeup bag and update your essentials? After all, in order to have fun, it might be nice to seek a fresh start. So to help determine what to keep in your makeup bag, we’ve created a list of all the essentials you should own or stock up on by shopping Grrly Grrls cosmetics. With this list and Grrly Grrls cosmetics collection, you’ll be able to create the dream look you’ve always desired.

The Best Small, Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Okay, we know that it’s tempting to dive head first into bright colors. But if you’re looking for something more reliable, it’s probably best you stick to neutral tones. Taking the minimalist approach is a benefit that both makeup gurus and beginners can get from owning a neutral eyeshadow compact. Compacts such as the Waterproof Mineral Balm Shade Eyeshadow or the 14 Color Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow, are perfect for creating thoughtful designs around your eyes for daily activities or events.

The Best Brow Pencil

As popular as brows have become, there are still some beginners who feel as though brows are something to neglect. This is either because they have naturally inherited perfectly arched eyebrows or they don’t consider their brows to be a key part of their daily look. Here at Grrly Grrls though, we are telling you to NOT let them be an afterthought in your makeup routine. Brows deserve love too and even if your eyebrows are practically flawless, lightly grooming them won’t hurt. The best way to groom your eyebrows is by investing in a good brow pencil, such as the Double-end Automatic Eyebrow Pencil or the Natural Long Lasting Paint Tattoo Eyebrow Pencil. Filling in your brows will give you a fresh and polished look, great for starting any day.

The Best Mascara

Just as tending to your brows is important, so is caring for your lashes. Applying mascara is an easy way to have a “put together” look without much effort. It’s even okay if that’s the only thing you do. This is mostly because mascara can make you appear refreshed and awake, simply by bringing your eyes to life. Whether you prefer something subtle or want to make more of an impact, items such as the Silicone Brush Curving Lengthening Mascara and the 4d Silk Fiber Lash Long Curling Mascara, are sure to make everyone stop and stare for a while.

The Best Concealer

I think we all can agree that concealer is best used sparingly. However, it does have other benefits. Concealer is really useful for brightening under eyes and hiding blemishes and imperfections. Since a concealer typically is applied around the thin skin near your eyes, investing in one that also moisturizes is a must. Products such as the High Covering Face Concealer Cream and the Acne Cover Smooth Concealer Cream, will keep your skin looking hydrated, fresh, and new.

The Best Foundation

Setting up the right foundation is key to making anything work. The same goes for makeup, which is why it’s important to invest in a foundation that creates an even complexion. Foundation comes in a variety of forms, ranging from full-coverage foundation to BB or CC creams. Choosing the right one for you depends on the amount of coverage you’re looking for. Even if you’re looking for full coverage or sheer coverage, products such as Liquid Matte Brighten Foundation and the Moisturizing Long Lasting Matte Foundation, are sure to keep your complexion glowing and feeling smooth.

Honestly, you don’t need makeup to stand out in the crowd. But if you’re looking to try something different, then playing with makeup is a good way to do so. All in all, these basic makeup essentials are bound to keep you looking good even you choose to keep things simple.

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