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Emillia Clarke’s Fashion Evolution on Game of Thrones

Emillia Clarke’s Fashion Evolution on Game of Thrones

 Emillia Clarkes Fashion Evolution on Game of Thrones


                           You have to pardon the spoilers and all those people who watched the series from the very start  and could recall everything that had happended on the show. Especially recalling what happened to their most favorite of characters. One role that significantly been focused on instead of overlooked was Emilia Clarke’s role as Daenerys Targaryen. Her name may be hard to pronouce and spell but her hair and fashion was in check with today’s trends.                      

                        Even if  Emilia Clarke was a natural brunette, she colored her hair blonde for the role. She wore her hair in various styles that served her character well, whether it was done up or down messy, her aproachable hairstyles and fashion was never erased and always was celebrated during the entire series.

                         She did have her descent into madness,and  Emilia Clarke wore whispy gowns one minute then wore hideous gowns the next, however it surprisingly shown off her figure well. It was these scenes that we seen her hair becoming just as whispy. Including, when it came time for her wedding and  her time fighting the rest of the world alongside her dragons, she managed to be the most powerful of royalty figures. If you want to count madness at the end powerful?

                       What many fans realized and loved was her dynamic character development and with this came her beautiful costumes that seemed appropriate for her role as “ the mother of dragons”. She initially was seen as a victim, a victim of being passed on by the male roles to abuse, but as time went on she found herself and she found her strength which both surprised her fans and also made them applaud her as well.

                   The very first moment we seen Emila Clake on Game of Thrones, we probably protested over al  the bad treatment she went through or of women in general, but she stood for something more. She became the non-conformsit, the lone famale voice of a male patriarchal world where noone will help you, but yourself.

                So, it was Daenerys Targaryen show of  her most powerful side that we will never forget. Plus, we can still picture her  in that role. With a braided coif and a long flowy dress with boots and her dragon as the ultimate accessory. It is simple but it is true that blonde is the new hue to get this season.

               Emilia’s hair color pays homage to the legendary actress Gene Harlowe. A platinum blonde color that someone out there is completly copying in order to pay homage to the queen. In order to gain her look, you must first defend your rennaissance style feel for the clothing first. For costumes are just as influential. Think of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. We will always count on GOT to be the series to binge watch  over and again. We will continue to  watch how Emilia Clarke is the most trendsetting of the bunch. She was of course the “ Queen of Dragons” but she will always be the kick butt fashion warrior of our hearts.

Veronica Felipe 

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