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Everything is Coming Up Polka Dots

Everything is Coming Up Polka Dots

Everything is Coming Up Polka Dots

     While Polka dots are outrageous, this is a trend that will steadily rise this year. It seems that this certain pattern even dressed head to toe is catching on. We can see it as a Spring 2019 trend.It is somewhat of a favorite wardrobe staple, like the little black dress and the neutral trench coat. It can be worn with solid colors or even other crazy patterns. You can have the delight of wearing them on their own or wearing them fun and fancy free. It seems that this trend is multigenerational as well.

    Starting back in the 80’s, polka dots worked with any type of body shape and size. So, what is the difference between the polka dot pattern and any other pattern? It is the love of what you want to wear and the need for something unique that can be brought up as a trend that could crumble with other youthful adults. This distinct pattern captures the night before day, the day before a disaster, and It sneaks on you like a cloud. Rising and rising as a hauntingly beautiful look.

   The polka dots trend can never be slept sweet and sound, and it is an anomaly. One that makes It easy to have been shown on the runways. It has been weeks since this look saved the runways. With every curious stare and exhaling of fresh air. It appears that it has taken over on the stage and off the stage. It is on the borderline of giving us a big surprise and going a long way to being the most distinct pattern to use this season.

     Whether it be captured on a fashionista who wears it as a polka dot shorts get up or a polka dot top paired with a colorful bottom. It is dangerously becoming the pattern we can crave for getting comfortable. It is never unbearable.
Still this look is never hard on your body and mind, with countless of polka dots to keeping us wanting more.

      Many found the polka dot craze in the early 2000’s, and it was to blame for millennials for wearing this trend now. It is as in sight as it used to be out of sight. When a trend like polka dots rises from an older trend, there is no telling that we won’t be able to lose the ability to be fresh and new.

       Because this is what people believes that polka dots are, a fresh and new trend that will make everything make sense again. Polka dots can fall into place as a reliable pattern that has no space and no precise observance, but once polka dots rise a trend, we might see other known popular trends from the past become fresh and new once more.

        Like polka dots, there is a following and a collision of modern with vintage. The whole duty for patterns like these is to put a smile on our faces or even a happy expression on our faces. Polka dots can grab our attentions and leave us smiling and engaged to being the craziest and having the craziest memories of our lives.


Veronica Felipe

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