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Fresh Prince’s Look Gets a Fresh Update

Fresh Prince’s Look Gets a Fresh Update

Fresh Princes Look Gets a Fresh Update

                   There is nothing to dodge out when you gage to carry on with a stylish new look. This is what you get when you dress like your favorite television show characters. It is easy to copy the styles of the early 90’s. This is why the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air is enormous. It is the cool colors and admiration for both the ways the women of that show posed, especially when being around characters such as Will Smith.

                 Both characters, Hilary and Ashley had their share of great stylish TV moments. They proved to show that they can carry their weight around the center of the show, Will Smith. Hilary Banks was the mallory of Family Ties of the 90’s. She gave every man attention but also was  conservative and afrocentric. She used fashion to make it easy to steal the show! Her upbeat attitude added onto that.

                 She did look potentially clean cut in little suits, with blazers and shoulder pads or even look sexy in naughty skin tight cocktail dresses. It was her defiant confidence that was very welcoming to the generation xers that alerted many budding fashionistas to take over their schools. She did make accessories hot as well! She used chokers and hats that covered a head full of curls.

                 While Hilary was the fashionista of the Banks family. Ashley was the tomboyish stylista that proved that even growing up in front of the camera can matter too. Ashley had her moments as well, but she used cutesy looks to garner the role as  the young littlest sister. Though sometimes her acting chops were also confident, fun and whimsy, you never thought that she would ever be an adult on the show. She had adult roles later on.

                 Ashley even got to wear sexy outfits like her big sister! She worn midriffs and crop tops, while also wearing her hair straight and sleek. It was her effortless style that made perfect sense. She did use glasses on a string at one time when she was younger and she loved wearing a pop of color whenever possible. Also, wearing those shoulder pads!

                For many, it was the day that Hillary wedded that stole the show’s finale. Her wedding dress was dreamy and observant of the 90’s wedding trends. By wearing a glamorous headpiece and extravagant jewelry. It wasn’t surprising that many other wives to be would steal her style.

              In fact, if you look back on both Hillary and Ashley’s fashion choices, you can see that many other people on the streets in the 90’s had similar looks. With hip hop and grunge taking over the trends of that decade. It is easy to persuade millennials now to copy their styles. You can assail to the trend with ease now. It is normal to be influenced by shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. For the 90’s is no longer a mystery. It is a decade that made us cool to be kids.

Veronica Felipe

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