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Gonna Be An Emo Summer

Gonna Be An Emo Summer


Gonna Be An Emo Summer

   It is quite easy to copy clothing styles from the alternative scenes. However, there are trends that are absolutely likeable that can promote any scene. Emo clothing is one that is a bit awkward at first for a woman or a man to wear, however with the power of the emo scene it is like reliving the punk scenes of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

                          It has recently become a popular trend, igniting those who wore black dresses to come out from their closets and wear this look to their local nightclub. The emo trend is worn on individuals who are convincing others they are on the edge. It is obvious that this fashion trend is now followed by many millennials. Who want to venture towards the darkside, but even though this clothing trend  is worn basically during the cooler months. many emo styles are being worn in the summer months as well.

                         Summer summons clothing like tanks, maxi dresses and sandals. While also simple styles like maxi dresses is made popular. While many cannot follow the emo trend in the summer months, there are ways to using this style and transitioning it for the summer months. Such as rocking a vintage band shirt with black jean shorts or even pairing it with a plaid shirt. There is also wearing form fitting outfits like, black leggings or black t shirts. What about accessories? It can be anything from black saddle bags with skull designs or even wearing tattoos. The list is endless.

                    The obvious start to emo clothing is always tattoos or piercings. It makes it  quite vigilant and sometimes it can be  held against the emo individual. It is also praised in individuals who have become  so called “ rebels”. Whatever purpose it may lend, the emo clothing scene has built a friendly following and many see it as an alternative in style.

                   Electrifying many young people, like teens to take notice and start their own rocking style. It can mean an ultimate array of benefits and it also makes perfect sense that many youngsters want their own individual styles. It is marked down as emo but many others consider punk or almost similar to it.

                 Many bands from the 80’s introduced this emo clothing look. The cure, Depeche Mode and My Chemical Romance are a few. They committed themselves to the look.Emo clothing should never be depressing. As it is gathered as a perfect way to looking rock and roller. The very dark looks resides as a vampire look. There are such things as dark hair and dark makeup.

                The Emo scene is considered too rock and roll but it is likely to be the look for Summer 2019. It makes sense that wearing all black can speak uniqueness and chic manners. We are a little bit exposed to a emo clothing look at one time or another. Emo clothing is a showcase and a nod to the emo styles of the 80’s. A look that will truly never disappear.  


Veronica Felipe 

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