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Ground Control to Major Tom

Ground Control to Major Tom


Ground Control to Major Tom  



It seems too plain to admit that someone would only wear the fashion trend of the hour, but there are other trends worth trying that though it does have a niche and is perfectly original. Space age inspired clothing isn’t very plain. It compliments anyone who finds wisdom beyond the stars.

                       Individuals who use them seek comfort in wearing space age inspired clothing because it is virtually defining a generation. It is built around the concept of space, but what is truly space? A way around it would be metallic colors or even unnatural shapes. It can portray an out of this world look, but makes trends even stylish.

                     There is something alluring about space age fashion that you cannot put your finger on. There are no existing rules when you try space age inspired fashion. In fact, in 2017, for example, with the return of Paco Rabanne’s signature metallic chain-metal dresses, which debuted in the 1960s, and was the trend of the season, became noticeable again. It was worn on the runway and made a big splash.You can even find them on the streets of Paris. As well as go go boots are considered space age. This trend  along with the metallic dress was later used in nightclubs.

                  There is so much breathtaking changes we can make with our own wardrobe that we can occasionally use at different moments in our life. Nevertheless,It is necessary to detect the ability to making only one decision when you see long, tall gogo boots or when you see a great Judy Jetson type dress. You can easily fall in love with the style and form. It can last you forever.

                 Because the whole idea behind space age inspired clothing is to make people think, while adding to a universe far far away, where everyone wants to dress in a exquisite silvery tone shirt and share huge pointy shoulders and a whisper of clean lines.                                              

            There is something suggestable about the whole layout that you cannot contend that having huge shoulders  and exaggerated appearances can get you out of your head. Simply put, space age inspired clothing is adored by some and hated by others. It can mean the future of fashion and can mean the end of it.

            Whatever purpose it may be, space age fashion is consequently reaching popular status overseas and you can even see metallic dresses and gogo boots on a harajuku girl in Japan. It is all the rage there, this is the place where all trends for youths to adult women to start. The notion that in Japan, many beauty trends also are among the stylish. Though fashion comes in a strong first.




Veronica Felipe 


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