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Handbags and Glad Rags

Handbags and Glad Rags

Handbags and Glad Rags

The purse you choose says a lot about you so pick wisely. You don’t want to look cheap, nor do you want to appear snobbish – it’s a balancing act. First and foremost, no fake leather and yes, people can spot the difference. If you cannot afford real cowhide, opt for a cloth or canvas bag.

Size does matter. Determine what your needs are and how much stuff you need to pack around before investing in a bag. There are tons of shapes to choose from as well. Pick from tote, hobo, duffel, clutch, satchel, baguette or messenger. If you are going to a formal affair and you only need your lipstick, go with a clutch. Hobo bags are the most popular as you can carry everything except the kitchen sink in them and still look classy.

Designer bags can run you upwards to $1200 or more. A used Chanel handbag can fetch $4000. Granted, these have a level of sophistication that is unsurpassed, but you’re not Anna Wintour. Instead, try going off brand. You can get a leather bag from Italy at Marshalls for less than $200 and they are just as classy as anything you can buy at Nordstrom.

Your personality will draw you to certain bags, so go with your gut instincts. If you are a casual kind of girl, go with a roomy canvas or cloth tote. If you are more conservative, opt for a classic baguette or a satchel.

Color says quite a bit about us, so choose a color you are comfortable with. If you are driven for success, try a red bag. Black is always a safe bet, but not if your ensemble is made up of earth tones like brown, green or sage. This is why I always recommend you have more than one – different occasions and outfits call for different bags.

Finally, do not be an “it girl.” You want to avoid being terribly trendy, so nothing too “blingy.” Stick with the classics and you’ll never go out of style.

By Anthony Starr

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