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Have Fashionable Memorial Day

Have Fashionable Memorial Day

Have Fashionable Memorial Day


We can follow the paths of shopping addictions during memorial day holidays, but there are so many sales to follow. It makes the holiday filled with enormous discounts and sales. Leading to more shorts, shirts, tanks and sandals, rightly  built for the hot summer months ahead plus be priced down considerably. It is simple to know that stocking up on items makes the hotter weather cool and calm.

                         The true colors for the holiday are red, white, and blue. Dedicating to the patriotism of July fourth, which  is right around the corner. The whole holiday is engaged in freedom and bravery. What other holiday could celebrate this?

                      In stores, we see blues and this can mean short shorts or mid length shorts or even white capris that welcome the power of casualness. These styles are never dull or unruly, but makes the excuse to look great and be casual and comfortable at your family barbecue or at a beach excursion.

                       Whatever it takes to look not foolish. We see many can wearing sandals and flats. This best describes them as being cool and stylish. This shooting popularity is needed and necessary for the holiday. Even T-shirts are subject to going patriotic. This can prove less expensive than regular plain t shirts or graphic tees. When shoppers are faced with the decision of finding a good tee, people would be more determined to finding a perfect tee at home in their closet. For it is everywhere and doesn’t take much time or effort.

                         There are themes this memorial holiday that are related to the marina or vintage galore. The trends always sneaks in during the first days of the summer season. We can literally feel the unique journey, with the decades old 70’s or 90’s trends, which are starting strong this season. Though summer begins towards the end of June, we can see these trends posted online and in person with so many women favoring wearing them over memorial day holiday.

                              What is sharper or cooler then wearing summer trends during memorial holiday? We can kick off the summer with our favorite closet staples from last season and mix it around with this seasons look or even create an outfit on our own.

                              Rest assured the Memorial dayholiday is the best time to wear less clothing and use  clothing that are not unhinged but very cutesy. In addition to these wardrobes, there are cute nail polish colors  and makeup palletes  that are design for every hand and face.

                           Memorial day is just a national holiday to allows excuses and the need or desire to be reserved and pleasant. Helping little league fashionistas be big league fashinistas. Thus popularizing this holiday even more. It is something we cannot miss. It is something that we can never take for granted. Indulging in eating juicy watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers and Barbecue foods while celebrating with family and friends. It is described as a holiday to celebrate the great getaway or get together.

  Veronica Felipe 

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