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It's A Bling Thing by Luci Black

It's A Bling Thing by Luci Black


Are you feeling bored with your everyday looks? Or maybe you love your wardrobe but feel like it's missing something? If this sounds like you then I’m more than happy to tell you the search is over.  I’m here to give you three simple tips on how you can add some spice to all your everyday  outfits. Whether it’s a date night or your running errands don't let your aesthetic suffer. Use these three tips to bring the fire back to your wardrobe, and re-ignite your passion for fashion!


  1. Jewelry is a timeless and easy way to bring any outfit to the next level. Throw on a funky pair of earrings and layer on some chains for a fashion-forward look. You can also layer bracelets but never both (at the same time)! Too much jewelry can overwhelm the outfit and look tacky. For a modern look try these chains, Chunky Necklace With Lock Key Pendant and Miami Cuban Choker Necklace/Bracelet. Rings are a sure way to add a new element to anything and everything! Stacking rings is so "IN" and this 12 Piece Ring Set is the perfect place to start your jeweled journey,


  1. Belts aren't just a functional thing, they can make or break a look. Don't worry, you don't have to sport a huge sash to make a splash. Waist chains and thin belts aren't just a way to hold up your pants. These waist snatching bands are a trendy and great way to dress up your jeans or to give some shape to all your go-to dresses. Just throw on your denim classics or your classic little black dress and add on a belt or waist chain for a stylish finish. If you're on the hunt for new belts the Trendy Chain Belt and the Pearl Waist Chain Belt are a great way to stretch your brunch outfit to day long wear


  1. Sunglasses, you may think these sun blocking shades are just functional use but, glasses have always been a fashion statement since Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of black shades in Breakfast at Tiffany's. In fact, sunglasses can change your whole fashion game and give you some attitude. Add the Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses to any look for some added drama. These accessory staples elevate your outfit to a whole new world of timeless chic. You may think these babies are a blast from the past, but it turns out the beehive wearing babe’s of the 50’s were just way ahead of their time. If that's not your style, try a pair of hippie chic Oval Sunglasses for a bohemian feel. Go full on Gaga in blingy Oversized Crystal Sunglasses.

 Accessories should always compliment your outfits, not overwhelm. Keep it classy and use Chanel's rule. Take one accessory off before you leave the house.

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    on March 19, 2021 20:11

    Awesome sauce

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