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Jeans Under Dresses in 2019?

Jeans Under Dresses in 2019?

Jeans Under Dresses in 2019 

                    We never really necessarily fell in love with the idea of wearing dresses over jeans. Although it is a trend that sparked and fazed out in the early 2000’s  which may have become resurrected for 2019. There is no doubt that it was alive and well as a trend in 2018. With models parading on runways wearing long tunics or dresses, wearing them with a pair of slacks or jeans. It is aligned with the season and make known  why bohemian wear will never truly go away or be completely forgotten.

                  In fact, many see early celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Alyssa Milano as idols for brandishing this look. Why not? Because it is so easy to put on and take off and is very economical since many dresses can be found in many affordable sites like grrly grrl and other sites. Showing you don’t really have to be born with gorgeous gams to wear this look.

            You are practically hiding your legs and ditching them for the comfort and confidence of wearing jeans. The jeans doesn’t necessarily have to be too tight or too loose but it does look good in wearing  them with a long loose dress or oversized slip dress. Also,It doesn't matter if the jeans are a pair of skinny jeans, distressed or even brand new.

         In 2018, there was a short revival for this look, following a decade of people using them the wrong way, many women has seen the light and now use them the right way. Conjugating at the back of their closets and choosing the loosest and most see through dresses available.

       There are ways to wearing this look without looking like an idiot. Nowadays chic women are customizing this look as their own by using sheer dresses with a high leg slit. This is happily accomplished on many street corners and have surpassed the once dress over pants fad of the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

            It was a matter of time when others will copy. The style has rested for a time, but soon will be rearranged as a style that focuses clearly on the woman and the woman’s body. It can be flattering and actually elongate the body. Not showing cleavage or an abundance of sloppiness.                                                  

          However many claim that  this look meets sloppiness half way. It  acknowledges the looks of gypsies or street nymphs. Never being credited for a clean and cool look. Those who hate the look of having a dress over jeans never really gave it a chance, since purist want one or the other.            

          It can be avoidable but very irresistible. In fact, it was the trend of 2018 and gladly brought  back the gen X fame which was grunge. Grunge was hot but who knows maybe  grunge will overlap to 2019? For fads can never really go away even if  a dress over jeans cannot really be taken seriously or pulled off by anyone. It is a wild and unique look that will rise beneath the frightened few as a look that hasn’t really past its expiration date.   

Veronica Felipe 

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