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Layering 101 by Luci Black

Layering 101 by Luci Black


Start off your layered look with a bottom and top. Closet staples like jeans, a skirt and some sort of top would be the easiest to build off of. I like to pick a pattern or bold color for either the top or bottoms. You will use this color or pattern to help build fluidity throughout your look. If you’re looking for some new pieces for your closet start your look off with this Ribbed V-neck Top adorable top and these sleek Cargo Bottoms. The top is the perfect anchor to this look, its clean lines and modern style are both easy to build off and very stylish. These bottoms are the perfect mix of classic meets modern.


The next layer will be an outer layer, if it’s chilly out grab a jacket. On warmer days grab a button down or cardigan. The outer layer is a great way to introduce a new color or opt for a monotone look. Try this Leopard Print Coat it's such an iconic piece, it's perfect for layering and is a total closet staple. The leopard  is such a trendy print and the length of the coat adds a classic and power feel. Outer layers can be a great way to add some texture to your look as well, try a teddy jacket or bomber.


Bags are an amazing way to make your outfit look fashion forward. They are also a wonderful way to bring your outfit into a whole new fashion element. When styling a look the bag can really match any color in your look that you want to pop, it’s also a great way to add a small splash of color. This Alligator Handbag is so adorable and pairs seamlessly with the sleek lines in the top. Purses can also be nice to bring in a new color into the outfit to help correlate the accessories with.


Accessories like headbands and necklaces are great ways to help your outfit look like it's flowing naturally. If you're wearing an outfit with warmer colors pair it with gold jewelry and a neutral colored headband. If you're wearing cool colors go for silver. If accessories aren't your thing but you wanna jazz up your look, try a scrunchie or a simple pair of earrings. Accessories are great, a little bit can go a long way!


Shoes are the cherry on top of your outfit. The right shoe finishes off your look immaculately and the wrong one can make it crumble. Have no fears I have a few suggestions that are closet essentials and are perfect for year long wear. Booties are on-trend and perfect to wear with anything! Try these cute Pleated Boots, and they might just become your new favs! Boots can be worn all year long but are especially nice for transition seasons like fall and spring.

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