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Let’s Get Phyical by Maya Lopez

Let’s Get Phyical by Maya Lopez

Let’s Get Phyical by Maya Lopez

Athleisure has become America’s aesthetic choice. As a female, throwing on leggings, some version of an oversized shirt, and fly knit trainers has been my unofficial uniform since 9th grade. Of course, different brands have ruled this aesthetic; Nike, Lululemon, Champion, etc.. Now, let us take a step back and assess what athletic clothing is really meant for -performance. Which in my opinion is a totally separate category from leisure wear. What should we be looking at when making these purchases? What are we looking for in our athletic clothing?

1. Price:

Price point will be the first item every consumer considers. Athletic clothes can run from low end to luxury, Zella, Gap, Old Navy, and of course Grrly Grrls.  We carry some of the cutest workout wear you’ll find online. In addition, Grrly Grrls has some most unique athletic shoes on the web at low prices  

2. Technology:

Athletic clothing is a category of fashion that is on the forefront of technological innovation. This is because athletic clothing is tied intrinsically to performance of professional athletes. These teams and individuals are looking for every possible advantage. In many cases, athletic clothing companies invest capital into improving these athletes' gear. Most of these advancements are beta tested on professional athletes and eventually the technology trickles down to the consumer. For example, Under Armour’s “heat gear” and Nike’ s “dri-fit” is commonly seen on much athletic wear in stores. Originally, this concept was moisture and odor control, and this microfiber blend has become an industry standard. Another example of a technological trend in athletic clothing is compression garments, used to prevent fatigue and soreness and reduce injury.

3. Aesthetic

When shopping to build your workout wardrobe the options can seem overwhelming. The following are what I consider to be essential items-for men and women:

Jogger -​ This is a great piece that can be worn both to the gym and around town running errands. These easy breezy pants are a great cover up over shorts and easy to pair with t-shirts and sweaters.

Compression legging​ - This is an absolute essential, invest in a quality pair that will get you through multiple seasons.

Running shorts​ - Pro tip; The best running shorts have compression underwear built in-look for those.
Sports bra that doubles as a crop top​ - Look for a sports bra that comes down low towards the belly button, that way it doubles as a sports bra and can be used in more ways.
Hat​ - Working out outside can be very fun, and necessary considering all gyms are closed at the moment. Get yourself a hat to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

4. *bonus* Accessories

Plenty of accessories go into your average high maintenance gym rat’s lifestyle. Some examples include duffle bags, yoga matts, water bottles, and foam rollers. On the more expensive side we have the various versions of heart rate and activity trackers such as apple watches and fitbits.

5. Sneaker game

Arguably the most important accessory, there is an overwhelming amount of options. My recommendation would be to identify what kind of exercise you do the most of and work from that as a starting point. The major categories are lifestyle, running, and training. Lifestyle shoes are perfect for your comfort in day-to-day life. I use my lifestyle shoes commuting on the subway to work and on vacation when we are doing an abundance of walking. Running shoes have thicker soles and heavier treads with better ankle support which keeps your joints stable while running. Finally, training shoes are flat and very comfortable, perfect for weightlifting and most other machine related activities.

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