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Love That Pantsuit

Love That Pantsuit

Love That Pantsuit

Many prefer pant suits for any occasion. It can literally be outspoken and charming. Not to be criticized but imagined as powerful. This is what a pant suit does, it shows a female power and the female strength to move further onto success. Whether it be work success or an overall career success.

                                 Many celebrities have the confidence to wear a pantsuit and who knew that the most talked about pantsuit is the one in the “ Me” video worn by Taylor Swift and also her many video extras. It qualifies as a pant suit for the millennial age. It is not only monochromatic but pastel. Bubble gum pastel or key lime pastel. Never undermining the whole chapter on pant suits and how to wear them.

                      There is no loud explosion of color, rather a soft sweeping of colors that looks just as feminine as it is sweet. Taylor Swift has a history of wearing pantsuits, such as the time when she was photographed in an all white pantsuit. This look demanded a lot of her followers to want to wear this friendly outfit. It is a great look! One that ignores the fact that you can wear white after labor day.

                    Taylor Swift is more of a fashion icon nowadays and whatever she seems to wear in her music videos has been found and bought online. Although her pastel colored monochromatic pantsuits invites all shapes and sizes. Taylor adorned a pale yellow pantsuit in the video and could not anger anyone. Because the original and sweet attire is grown as a  comfortable warm summer aesthetic.

                    There is a lot of motivation to get moving when you wear a pantsuit like these. It doesn’t make anyone cringe. It is possibly one of the best looks from Taylor Swift in awhile. Not ignoring the fact that she wore a beautiful beaded number in her video “ blank space”

                    As a fan you will realize the “ Taylor” factor and how she seems to draw attention with her various looks and styles as well as the overall look of her videos. Though “ Me” is a newer song, it has increased attention by millions of viewers. It is like Taylor saved the best for last. Making sure others take notice about the importance of wearing a pantsuit, especially if you are a woman.

                  It is wrong to assume that pantsuits are for the very rich or for the very masculine. What Taylor did was reverse everything and make the pantsuit not only girly but driven. There is not a more satisfying feeling then to get your message across that women are strong and women are in the eve of greatness. The pantsuits success is what makes a person driven. It is fortunate that Taylor Swift has taken an example from Hillary Clinton’s table. Hilary was the first to turn heads with this look. So, overall the pantsuit is doing very well. It is something that you can never really truly hate.


Veronica Felipe

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