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Megan Markle is Princess of Fashion

Megan Markle is Princess of Fashion

Megan Markle is Princess of Fashion

              Never unruly or disdained, Meghan Markle’s style has risen over the years as being stylish and complimenting. Though she did have humble beginnings in Hollywood and served as a fashion icon about a year or two ago, her evolutionary style has finally hit the UK  and the fashionable royal family.

                            If you have observed Meghan Markle as a royal, you can see why she is considered influential and creative. Wearing sparkling dresses and spectator hats that seemed to press against all royal standards. It is her surprising eye on fashion that has governed her the moniker “ Princess of Fashion” and why not believe it? Since she is quickly at the ranks of becoming the next fashion royal, since Princess Diana.

                        What Princess Diana did for fashion was to make it reasonably sexy and alluring,even by accidentally falling into it. Princess Diana carried herself the way every royal wished they could accomplish and made sure that she didn’t disappoint all her royal watcher fans and admirers.

                     Diana did distance herself away from her husband, but served as a good mother to her two sons, Harry and William. It was this wonderful task as a mother that made her the most likable royal ever! So that glow she had as a mother made her even more attractive and this glow is what Meghan Markle has now as well.

                    Meghan Markle has shown everyone across the pond and around the world what it feels to stay calm, cool, and collective. Never disregarding her subjects and always smiling, which makes people smile in return. What Meghan Markle displays is a sense of fine upbringing and sociability. Her power on feminist rights also serves her well. Making her psychologically strong and embracing her roots. Of course, she is half American, half Afro-American. This is what makes her even more enchanting to individuals who follow the royals.

                   Whenever Meghan Markle steps out in public, she is either wearing something high end or something low end. Everything she wears in fact has sold out online or instore, such as The dress she worn at a party, which is quite inexpensive compared to what some of the royals wear was on sale for £180 (€202) when Meghan wore it today and just like that - it has already sold out. The royal effect.

                   What is this “ Royal Effect?” well it all started with Princess Diana and has lasted with Kate Middleton, now Meghan Markle. It seems that everything the young royal women wear becomes fodder and makes them targeted as fashion icons. Leaving nothing in its wake, meaning the outfits or accessories are harder to find and when they are discovered are sold out just like that! So, it is engaging to realize that Meghan Markle has made a huge impression and is granted the moniker of “ fashion icon” next to Kate Middleton of course! We just have to wait and see what she will wear next and if the “ Meghan Markle” effect or the “ royal effect” will be the next trendsetting moment in fashion history.

Veronica Felipe

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