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Met Trends

Met Trends


Met Trends

Though Lady GaGa served to being the ambassador of the Met gala this year, there were many trends that also set the media on fire. With intense colors and unique shapes that practically anyone can pull off. You even might have it already in your closet!

                 There were many feathery dresses that seemed to awe the audience of people there at the grand entrance. The pink carpet enthralled all that were present. There was three major trends.You can see feathers on Kendall Jenner or even Lupita Nyong’o. Their feathery getups which properly acknowledged their first  beginnings at the Met consisted of neon colors along with their feathered bodices. Kendall Jenner went for bright orange feathers and Lupita wore stylish neon pink.

                 Another trend was Gold. Gold was the first metal colored hue to take over the Met in awhile. Though many of the celebrities like Emily Blunt and Karlie Kloss adorned themselves in Gold this Met season. This observance of gold were astonishing the crowds. Many flocked to see  seas of this featured color. It brought back the metallic trend of early 000’s.

              Then many others enjoyed the matching eyelashes and outfits. It seemed that it all began with the night with  Lady GaGa where she garnished long length eyelashes and looked gracious in a Brandon Maxwell dress which was amazing. Her four outfit changes took around 15 minutes, with the theme of the Met gala being “ Camp”.

            There too were other outfits that stole the show that many people probably thought they were too over the top, such as Zendaya’s Cinderella theme dress that illuminated on cue or Katy Perry’s chandelier dress that also lit up, but looked way camp!  Those who were brave enough to wear it may nearly even prove they could possibly pull it off. What else does “ camp” have to answer, but a big yes! Especially to fashion and to performance art.

            The many celebrities who graced the long pink carpet shown the many photographers and crowds and crowds of adoring fans what fashion is all about even when there was not a lot of trends to follow. Everything that seemed to follow outside the Met was pretty basic. Many would miss the “ Camp” theme for its outrageous tone and its many repressed styles.

            Celebrities secretly was harboring an inner avant garde artist. Even the great artist and model Grace Jones would sneak a smile or two if she witnessed all the looks that night. For maybe that was what “ camp” meant a sort of defiance and outrageousness galore.

                 If you were to ask any celebrity there, they probably claim that it is also was a note on fashion and what a note it was. Building from Lady Gaga’s entrance to the end. Never quite being boring or dull, the Met Gala entrances were courageous and memorable. Even when some was over the top. They were different and magically strange. We must take in account the trends they will start. They will be favorable and possibly last forever. “ Camp” is an odd theme but a good one!


Veronica Felipe

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