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Minimalism As a Trend

Minimalism As a Trend


Minimalism As a Trend



  Minimalism clothing is seen as a clothing trend. Whether it is seen on stage in movies or on the streets. There's something unique about this trend. Basically minimalism clothing doesn't require much of a fuss. You can you wear any type of clothing that signals minimalism such as a solid grayish blackish or solid white color. from a top to a bottom.

                                  Many  can remember Caroline Kennedy who was briefly married to John F Kennedy Junior, she wore minimalism style clothing. Even some more celebrities such as Michelle Obama Contours the style very well with minimalism

                                 In order to delve into this clothing Trend, you must look to your closet. You can catch any kind of type of minimalism. You could grab a long sleeve top and pair it with a grayish wool pant and infinity scarf  or you could use a high waisted wool shorts over tights and a short top with a infinity scarf. topped with  minimalistic jewelry such as a small necklace or pearl earrings. You can even use an accessory that's minimalistic such as a wallet or a stack of tiny rings on your hand.

                                      There is an abundance of choices out there. But if you look on YouTube for instance you can find many choices. You can even check out the site as Pinterest. minimalism is featured in many magazines. They show little care and more of a chic response. A response to those fashionistas who believed in  wearing more is more. Which is their motto is to layer upon layer upon layer of clothing that is unnecessary.

                                  Whereas minimalism in  in style, and features less layers and more of a significant piece. The piece could be a top bottom or even a shoe. This featured piece can be accessorized as well. Digging deep into our pockets is unnecessary because minimalism doesn't require much of a cost.  

                                  Since many designers, such as the late and great, Kate Spade, or Ann Klein, and Vera Wang have designed minimalistic looks that are even sold in stores like Kohl's or the loft. Minimalism is embraced by everybody. It is similar to The Bohemian Trend and the hobo trend. Which was famously used by celebrities such as Kate and Ashley Olsen.

                                 Michelle Obama  famously uses J crew clothing. Her whole family  was fashioned by this  design. There were intricate pieces and there were pieces that wasn’t  over the top.

                                  In fashion Many Trends come and go, but minimalism is here to stay. Never cutting a suggestion that more is more. As mentioned above. Minimalism can be found on the streets of Paris, London, Italy, and even the United States. It is a customly used by the very rich and the very poor. there's no overwhelming feeling to using minimalism clothing all the time. It is a trend that was so passe at one time and  now has come back ferociously in the end. You can count on minimalism as a trend that would always be hot. No matter what people may say or no matter what trend may replace it.


by Veronica Felipe 

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