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Mixing and Matching Accessories

Mixing and Matching Accessories

Mixing and Matching Accessories

                                      Too many times during the holiday seasons, we tend to go overboard when it comes to our accessories. It can float in our mind as an indecisive thing but it is more of a personal choice. It could leave us gripping through our teeth about what is best for us. It shows as a reflection of a our own style. It could also sway us at the wrong possible time. Mixing and matching accessories is a trend that isn’t at all painstaking though.

                                Coming back as a trend that can be a grand gesture to those that want to look unique. Accessories aren’t always doable but there are times when we can find the precise look at the most wonderful occasion. Waking us up to screaming  a resounding hello world!it is me! You can always close the door at the accessories that you just cannot feel is the best to wear, saying goodbye to the toxic accessories that raise flags  especially when it comes to looking ridiculous and unpleasant.

                                Is mixing and matching accessories a millennial thing? Or have we gone overboard as consumers and become colorblind or styleblind? If that is possible. We all have something to say when it comes to accessories, for example draping a plaid scarf with a brown ugg boot or trying on a graphic black and white scarf, grey gloves and grey knit hat. The opportunities are endless.

                               The ways of making a stylish point is to elect yourself to imagine and create. We all have a creative side to us all and being able to mix and match accessories aren’t always suitable for everyone. Many think that you have to be adventurous and daring. History shows that it is nothing new to celebrities and people of stature. It seems to be coming back to us as the way to accessorizing this winter season.

                               It can be at the top of anyone’s list as a hot topic and it isn’t hard to unhide. Accessories scream cool and inspirational. Many women are taking account their own youth using a crayon to accumulate colors from a pallet. Ignoring those who want safe colors all the time and shaking it up. Right now, many women are buying accessories that match their tops, bottoms or even their socks! Accessories should be experimented with because practice makes perfect sense.

                          Once we all have practice in tying a scarf then why can’t we try accessories that ease what looks good on  ourselves. Shaping and draping, mixing and matching along the way. Magazines have come to show us the right way and wrong way of adopting a look, especially when it comes to accessorizing. It is as if we were back in grammar school learning which colors goes with what. It isn’t a reason  to burst into tears, but rather a activity that everyone goes through in their lives. The more we learn to mix and match accessories, gives us  more time to learn to love and adapt to a new look.


by Veronica Felipe

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