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Models Off Duty by Sierra Carroll

Models Off Duty by Sierra Carroll

The Model Off Duty trend has been a thing since Supermodels started dominating Fashion Weeks runways and magazine covers. From the 1960s onwards, people have looked to paparazzi photographs of models in their daily lives wearing their normal, ‘off-duty’ clothing for inspiration. Once the term Model Off Duty was created in 2017, the trend exploded all over popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


The modern version of the Model Off Duty style typically includes baggy mom jeans, trench coats, crop tops, graphic tees, blazers, turtlenecks and sweatpants. Because all of these pieces are so interchangeable, so many unique looks can be created. This trend is all about combining wardrobe basics into loungey outfits that still look like you put in the effort. This trend is so popular, because anyone can participate in it, since a lot of these pieces are most likely in your closet already!


Emily Ratajkowski is a major model at the moment and her model off duty looks are always on point. She’s often seen wearing snug tops and loose pants, similar to this outfit she was seen wearing while she was on the go. This look is the perfect mix of simple, yet chic. Tuck our Casual Solid Turtleneck into our High Waisted Destroyed Denim Pants and finish the look with the Leather Hippie Belt and a pair of black booties! 


Bella Hadid is every girl’s style icon and she’s always serving looks, even on her days off. She’s often known for pushing the boundary by wearing unconventional pieces such as long button downs with a pair of sweatpants. This outfit worn by Hadid combines a crop top and trousers with a blazer, making the outfit look less casual and more trendy, while still being comfortable. Try out our Criss Cross Strapped Padded Crop Top with the Elastic Waist Casual Pants and the Slim Short Suit Jacket. Complete the look with some chunky dad sneakers and some layered necklaces, and you will have the paparazzi coming right after you!


Another model that’s always on the off duty watchlist is Kendall Jenner. She’s known for wearing long, oversized jackets with a pair of sunglasses. This outfit worn by Kendall Jenner is a classic look that’s perfect for Fall. She wears a long trench coat, similar to our Wide Lapel Button Trench Coat, a white top, like our Casual Solid Turtleneck and black trousers, similar to the Skinny Casual Stretch Trousers. And of course, you have to top off the look with a pair of sunglasses, and our Classic Vintage Sunglasses will do just the trick.


The Model Off Duty trend is one of the most inclusive movements out there, because you don’t need expensive pieces to pull these looks off, and it looks good on every body type. You probably have most of these items in your wardrobe already, so half of the work is already done for you- all you have to do is style what you already have!



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