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Over the Age of 40??? Read This!!!!!

Over the Age of 40??? Read This!!!!!

Over the Age of 40 Read This!!!!!
Shoes are most women’s obsession. In fact, a poll was taken of over 2000 women over the age of 18 and it showed that most have 20 pair with only 5 in a constant rotation. Of course, some women own upwards of 200 pair or more. And 86% of those surveyed admitted they have at least one pair they’ve never worn. Unless you are Imelda Marco, 20 pairs of shoes is more than enough to get you by.

There are a few rules for you who have passed the age of 40  though and should be followed unless you want to be mistaken for a stripper. As i’ve said before, avoid being super trendy. This is not to say, don’t be contemporary, but if you’ve seen Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of platform boots, chances are you might look ridiculous in them.

Avoid high platform shoes. These were designed for the 20 something crowd and not for a classy woman like yourself. Instead of going super tall, try a wedge heel. A wedge heel ads a dash of sophistication to any outfit without killing your feet in the process. Since the house of Yves Saint Laurent introduced the gladiator sandal a few years back, they have become a staple in women’s shoes and you should own at least one pair.

Sandals or flip flops are best when worn in the warmer months. And no, do not buy them at Kmart. There are a ton of styles to choose from including heels, wedges and flats. Rhinestone embellishments make an extra bold statement.

Heels elongate your legs making the calf more pronounced. High heels should be no more then 2 inches high. There are a bevy to pick from too. Peep toes are fun and flirty. Pointy toes add a level of class to your ensemble. The kitten heel was introduced in the 1950s and have a vintage appeal. Stiletto heels can range from 1 inch to a towering 8 inches, but do not go over 3 inches. The tapered heel is a triangular shape which adds intrigue to your look.

Ballerina shoes are a wonderful option if you’re just going to the store or dressing casual. You can wear these with jeans, capris, a skirt or a dress. Always appropriate unless you’ll be attending a formal affair and a great alternative to athletic shoes.

Boots are always going to be your go-to footwear simply because you can wear them with anything. With several styles to choose from beginning with the Chelsea boot. These flat boots have an elastic panel on the side to make them easy to slip on and off. Originally designed in 1850, Queen Victoria preferred these as walking shoes. They made a comeback in the 60s as mods adopted them. You should own at least one pair of Ankle boots as they are versatile and comfy. Calf boots are generally for colder months. Don’t even think about thigh highs and unless you’re a ranch hand, skip the cowboy boots.

No matter which styles you choose, make sure you are buying real leather and not man made materials. Also, Browns and beiges should go with earth tones, blacks and reds should go with cool tones, no exceptions.

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