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PFW Vs. Grrly Grrls by Sierra Carroll

PFW Vs. Grrly Grrls by Sierra Carroll

      Now that it’s Fall, all the different fashion weeks are here to inspire our cold weather trends. 

      Paris Fashion Week for the Autumn/Winter 2020 season was one for the books, giving us plenty of inspiration to spruce up our Fall wardrobes. Elements such as rhinestones, suits, long gloves and ruffles were huge on the runway, so definitely be things to look out for these trends if you’re planning on adding some new pieces to your collection this season.   


Rhinestones have gone in and out of style for as long as we can remember, and they’re definitely back in style in 2020. Rhinestones represent luxury and glamour, and have always been a perfect touch to any outfit. This trend was huge with brands like Lanvin and Mugler. Both brands utilized rhinestone chain mail to create beautiful cocktail dresses. Pairing our O-Neck Sleeveless Beaded Mini Dress with our Mesh Rhinestone Face Mask will give you the perfect off-the-runway look while also following COVID-19 precautions! 


Suits are no longer just for men, as we’ve seen for a few years now. Suits can be worn by anyone, no matter the gender! Alexander McQueen and Balmain included plenty of suits in their collections. Alexander McQueen had a more masculine touch to their suits, while Balmain had more of a feminine vibe with theirs. Try a mix of both McQueen and Balmain, with our One Sleeve Blazer Bodycon Dress. (Bonus: The red version of this dress matches the color palette of the Alexander McQueen collection.) Rochas also participated in the suit trend, creating black blazers with gold baroque prints. Pair our Open Front Short Cardigan Suit Jacket with a pair of black trousers for a sleek, suited look. 

Long Gloves 

With COVID-19 being present in our lives, gloves and masks have been a staple in our day to day lives. So why not look fashionable while also staying safe? Long gloves were seen in the Dries Van Noten and Giambattista Valli collections. Dries Van Noten paired long gloves with maxi dresses while Giambattista Valli paired the gloves with more casual, baby doll dresses. Experiment with this trend with our Faux Leather Gloves and pair them with your favorite dress! If you want to try a more daring, yet COVID-proof look, try our Leopard Print Glove Dress. You’re guaranteed to turn heads.  


As we’ve seen in many fashion retailers, ruffles are making a comeback. They’re not just reserved for the 1980’s anymore. High end fashion retailers like Saint Laurent incorporated ruffles into their tops, while Off-White had ruffles included in their skirts. Saint Laurent combined ruffles with square shoulders, while Off-White combined oversized jackets with ruffled bottoms. Both brands created the ideal unisex collection. Try our version of the Saint Laurent look with our Lace Mesh High Fashion Coat. If you want to look fresh off the runway, pair our Tulle Short Mini Dress with an oversized jacket of your choice to emulate the Off-White collection. 

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