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Return of the Mini Skirt by Luci Black

Return of the Mini Skirt by Luci Black

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. This means that the official min skirt season is well underway. The year is 2021 but we’re kicking it y2k style. Mini and micro skirts have never been as hot as they are right now. They are the perfect summer go-to if shorts just arent your vibe. And let’s be real here, mini skirt outfits are pretty much the power suit of the summer. It’s time to stop fighting the feeling, ride the wave and pull out all your mini skirts. It’s time for hot girl summer.

 Now, there are practically a million different styles of mini skirts but I’m only going to talk about three important styles in this article. Printed, trendy, and every day. These three styles are what I would consider closet essentials. It may be a surprise that not all mini skirts are created equal to some, but not every mini skirt is right for every occasion. Enjoy this article and dont forget to shop the looks below. 

 Printed, printed mini skirts are the perfect way to add a splash of pattern and something bold to your look. A printed skirt is perfect to pair with a basic top or a neon-colored top. Pattern on top of pattern isn’t always a good look so I like to use printed mini skirts as a way to add some fun twists to my looks. When I’m shopping I like to categorize prints into two categories; animal prints and colors. Both are essential and one isn’t better than the other. So if you’re in the market for a new printed skirt I would recommend a color block skirt or a leopard print skirt. Pair either one of the solid tops of your choice!

 Trendy, whether you follow fashion or not I’m sure you still have seen tennis skirts and ruffled mini skirts are pretty much breaking the internet, specifically TikTok. Although TikTok isn’t directly correlated to fashion it has become a huge player in trendsetting the fashion side of things. Some of us grew up wearing tennis skirts for well actual tennis and ruffles for just an everyday cute look. Well, these classic cuts aren’t just for the kiddos. They are official TikTok-approved fashion looks for this Summer. If you’re not looking to miss a trend be sure to add a ruffle mini or tennis skirt to your closet rotation.

Every day, now if your anything like me mini skirts are basically what your rocking every day. You know the importance of good everyday skirts that you can wear year after year that never seems to stop being as cute as the day you got them. Leather mini skirts and denim skirts never seem to go out of style. Year after year they come back. They are so versatile and you really can’t wear them the wrong way. They can be dressed up or down they’re pretty much the perfect everyday skirt.



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