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Soccer Fashion

Soccer Fashion

Soccer Fashion


                 Who is hotter than the US soccer team? Noone! and we can delve into the many reasons why. It appears that they not only light up on the field but they are promising millions of little girls out there to take on their athletic moves and fashion. If not copying Megan Rapinoe’s colorful hair or Alex Morgan’s flawless style. It is soon to be a taste of athletic wear that is fallen suit.

                             It is only a uniform, but a uniform that is driving sales. Many of the US soccer jerseys are becoming the mark of pride for every American. It is not only practical but enlightened by those who wear them. The US team wears them on the fieild and many see it as the benchmark to a symbolic feminist mystique and a wonderful way to being old school.

                         You can understand how many girls or women are used to wearing their husband or boyfriends jerseys, but how about a jersey for a woman? To celebrate the USA’s purpose in winning at the championships. You can sense that all the pieces have come together.

                    Athletic wear is always urban and fashion. It develops as a style that isn’t concerning but winnable. Soccer is spoken as a sport that is a statement. Wearing the jersey makes anyone blanketed with compliments and attention getting. So what is the big question? Why soccer? Soccer is becoming a popular sport and it has many followers.

                           This has extended and  begun globally. Soccer is something that a little girl would trust to play and It has quickly making a comeback. It is even being played on sand with beach soccer. It is something that is becoming everyone’s favorite obsession. It is safe and familiar and wearing a jersey with confidence will always be enticing.

                           The impact of the US soccer team is great. It is being pursued and watched by millions of fans. The most remarkable thing about the US team is that they have done better than the men’s US soccer team who were  courageously fighting to the end.  They did not believe in fear. The US women's soccer team you know is grateful for every comment and applause.

                          Chances are that many little girls will be wearing their soccer memorabilia, whether it be jerseys or shorts. It doesn’t take lots of intelligence to know where this is going. It is exactly what every mother and father wants their girls to wear. A piece of history and the keeping alive of the US soccer team spirit. The longer you look, the more you will see the release for more athletic wear and if it takes wearing what the US soccer team is garnering that is moving up.

                       Everywhere across the country, there are people rooting for the US soccer team and the need for more US soccer athletic wear will always make a sporty statement. Coming up with a brand new day for girls athletics. It is agreeable that it has come at one point or another.


Veronica Felipe

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