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Summer Jewelry Trends by Luci Black

Summer Jewelry Trends by Luci Black

Fashion lovers near and far have something major in common, most outfits simply cannot be complete without the proper jewelry. Practically any outfit can be dressed up with the right bling. It can be confusing, what are the rules? What metals can be worn with what? Are there jewelry trends?  Well, I am here to answer all these questions for you. And much like any fashion-related question, there is no one answer nor a right or wrong! Fashion is ever-changing and those same rules apply to the jewelry side of the world.


Much like the clothes aspect of the fashion industry, the jewelry side of things runs on a cyclical cycle. This means that things cycle in and out of fashion. Typically the cycle runs on a 15-year cycle which means right about now Y2K is huge across the fashion board. And with that means the trends that Gen Z grew up on as youths are now what everyone’s dying to wear. If you’re new to the game or just looking for some fun add ons to your looks keep on reading!


One of the major jewelry trends right now is butterfly jewelry. Everything from head to toe, but make it a butterfly. This is a sure way to add some trendy flares to your look. Butterfly necklaces and chokers are a super fun and easy way to add a little summer vibe to your ensemble. If you like color, and charms, grab this Butterfly Pendant Necklace. If you like a little sparkle or something with a little more flash statement rings are literally perfect for you. Don't miss out on the chance at getting a Crystal Butterfly ring. They’re going fast!


Another huge trend right now is simple, elegant, and versatile jewelry. Focus on layering and classic pieces. Not everything has to be huge and flashy to make a splash. Some classic go-to’s are layered necklaces, not only are they extremely on-trend right now but they’re timeless and total closet essentials. A layered chain is a great place to start your jewelry journey. We have a beautiful one that has pearls as well which gives it a high-fashion feel! An initial necklace is a perfect way to add an intimate and personal touch to a trendy look. Sport your entails or your favorite persons! They’re the perfect finish to your looks.


 Jewelry is a fantastic way to express yourself and can add new and interesting elements to your looks that sometimes can make or break an outfit. It can take a lounge look and make it runway-ready if styled correctly. Don’t be afraid to play around with adding some pieces to your look, it doesn’t have to be anything wild to make an impact on your overall look. Fashion isn’t scary and there is no wrong place to start, and jewelry might just be the place for you!

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