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Summer Layers by Luci Black

Summer Layers by Luci Black


Summertime brings some of the best outfits of the year. So brush off all of your favorite mini dresses and opened-toed shoes it’s officially time for your warm-weather wardrobe to come out of hibernation. The weather is warm and with the sun shining bright, what could go wrong? Although the summertime is ideal for some of the cutest outfits, it’s not always ideal once the sun sets. It gets to be the time of year where a jacket is too much, but with nothing, you’re left feeling a little chilly. The good news is; summertime does not mean you have to leave all your favorite looks behind. In this blog, I’ll give you so warm-weather layering tips and some garments that you need to add to your closet!


The perfect summer outfit CAN still be a layered look. Layered looks are a great way to style all your basics as well as a great way to add some high-class elements to your everyday looks. One super simple and totally cute way to do that is the classic button-down. Whether it’s your favorite flannel or your boo’s button-down it’s perfect for layering with your outfits! It’s wonderful for tying around your waist during the day and throwing on once the sun goes down. If you find your closets missing this must-have piece try out a faux leather button-down. It’s perfect for year-long wear and adds some edge to your look. Pro tip: if the top is oversized enough you can even wear it as a dress, just throw on a belt.


Mesh, mesh is a great way to add a layered element to your looks. It goes with everything and it’s lightweight so you won’t break a sweat. Mesh tops are perfect for throwing under mini dresses or to wear with your favorite ripped jeans and baby tee. Be sure to grab a mesh bodysuit, it has all the looks of a top, and no need to be constantly tucking it in!


The most iconic summer layer just might be the denim jacket. These beauties truly will never go out of style. They are total closet essentials and come in every color and style. They are lightweight and literally go with every outfit. If you’re anything like me then you’re always on the lookout for new trendy items to add to your wardrobe, I found the most perfect denim jacket ever. It’s a cow print denim jacket, it doesn’t get better than that. It even has a zipper closure which sets it even more apart than your basic jean jacket. 


Carry on with life with all your favorite layering pieces and live your summer dream. Nothing gets left behind this summer, layered looks included. All these layering options are great for daytime use or small enough to throw in your backpack or purse so they’re perfect to go on the go with you.




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