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Summer Layers for Fall

Summer Layers for Fall

Summer Layers for Fall



                               There is no way to speed up what to wear for Fall this season. Imagine layering clothing suitable for Spring and Summer and applying it for the Fall? There are many driven options that will stop breaking  the bank, but touch base on recycling. If we rate what we wear, we can come up with so many dizzying amounts of different wardrobe styles that we can use. There are camisoles, we can layer under v neck sweaters, which is the obvious or there are even slip dresses which were crazily worn in the 90’s and wear them over long sleeved tops. It especially looks nice when the slip dress has patterns or prints then use over a solid colored top. This shows a little bit of uniqueness.

                             Another is wide leg trousers which were so widely used in the warm Spring and Summer months. They can be added with a pair of boots or strong pairs of oxford shoes. Then there is a strapless bodysuit which looks good with a pair of wool or corduroy pants. These trends do not have to be confined to one season. They stand alone as a balance of what we freely see as our own fashionable expression. I

                                Once we decide what to wear for fall, we can see many options. Staking out flirty sundresses which we can also be fall forward by using knee high boots and a long sweater or even a coat staple which is a tapestry coat. Nothing outrageous. It all depends on the person. It is also possible to layer a sundress too with a cape jacket if you want to get serious. Layering can come easy to those with patience.

                             Those that care about their wardrobe pieces  do not let their lack of wardrobe pieces deter them. Many people use their clothing pieces over and over again for the purpose of recycling or because they love these pieces. It is not tiresome in knowing what to wear.

                                Other trends can be swimsuit tops which you can team up with a pair of skinny jeans and long sleeved tie waist tops or even fall worthy crop tops. Who says you can stop wearing jean shorts? You can wear heels and long sleeve top with a strong blazer with these shorts. You can actually layer jewelry with this pairings. There is even the trend of using graphic tees or mini skirts which is ideal for those who want to show off their gams. If layering you can even try using dark colored tights or colorful tights to wake up the outfit.

                               You can really appreciate the company and how you look. Especially, when there is so many ways to spread the layering process starting with your closet. Just remember the basics and understand the colors for fall. Dip them into Spring and Summer colors. The styles, colors etc.. are endless. Looking to the internet as well will help to decipher which trends are layer worthy. You can see them worn by celebrities.


by Veronica Felipe ]

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