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Swimwear Trends Summer 2021 by Luci Black

Swimwear Trends Summer 2021 by Luci Black

For some of you bikini season is here and for others it’s right around the corner. Regardless of timing, who doesn’t love a good swimsuit? Now remember this, every single body is a bikini body. Confidence is key y’all, we have one life, one body, this is your time to wear ALL the cute swimsuits. This is everyone’s hot girl summer so flaunt your true self in these wonderful swimwear trends. 

If you have Tik Tok or frankly any social media you will have already seen that three piece swim sets are literally all the rage. These sets have taken social media by storm. And honestly they are worth the hype. They are a cute swim look in the pool and a statement out. Don’t miss out on this fad, give these ones a try and you’ll be sure to fall in love! This is a wonderful bikini set and stunning tie top. If you're looking for a new suit don't miss out and give this Sexy 3 Piece Swimsuit a try! 

Neon is a major warm-weather trend. This bright look doesn’t stop at swimwear. Neon swimsuits are timeless and can be worn year after year. They are the perfect way to show off your fresh new tan! Just don’t forget the sunscreen! If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner, this trend is a look you’ll want to try. Bright swim-wear is a go for this beauty queen. If you find that your closet is lacking one pick up this bold halter two piece set!

If you’re a classic queen then one price might just be your jam. A Lot of people have the wrong idea about once prices being simplistic. Here’s the deal, one piece is making a comeback in a major way. They are great for some added comfort and are an iconic way to show your best self by the pool. These once pieces are so great and can even be worn in your day to day life. Just throw on some jeans and style them the same way you would a body suit. Throw on this adorable cut-out one piece. When you're not tanning throw on a pair of cut off shorts and you’re all set!

If you hate tan lines then you’ll be happy to hear that thong bikinis are making a splash in a major way. What once was considered a huge scandal is potentially one of 2021s biggest trends. Whale tales are coming back, and this trend has carried into swimwear. With the body positive movement people are finally breaking out of their shells and flaunting what their momma gave them. If you're feeling bold this summer or just looking for something that will give you a little bit of a better tan don't be scared to try one! Here are some of our most popular ones: Thong Brazilian Bikini, Bandeau Bandage Bikini Set, Push Up Brazilian Bikini Set.

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