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Swimwear Trends to Look Forward to Once Quarantine Is Over  By Kyla Outen

Swimwear Trends to Look Forward to Once Quarantine Is Over By Kyla Outen


Swimwear Trends to Look Forward to Once Quarantine Is Over By Kyla Outen


         With quarantine continuing through May, the debate of whether it’s best to invest in a new summer wardrobe has many of us wondering when all of this will be over. As graduations have began for the class of 2020, we are still left wondering when our summer plans will officially begin. Will we get to enjoy a full summer vacation, or will we have to wait another month for life to begin again? Despite quarantine uncertainties, there has been no better opportunity to turn to online shopping than the present, and the month of June’s quick approach is proof that shopping for new summer pieces is a must on the to-do list. Whether you are looking to spice up your wardrobe or just looking for something new, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the current summer trends, especially in swimwear.

         So, what are the latest swimwear trends and where can you invest in new swimwear? Whether you are prepared to buy or are just ready to begin browsing, Grrly Grrls is the perfect place to find the most popular swimsuit styles for the coming summer months. Even if we are still stuck in quarantine for a little longer, it’s always going to be sunny somewhere (no matter what time of year it is). To help you be prepared for anything, here are the latest swimwear trends that will leave you coming out of quarantine with true style.

  1. Prints Galore (Animal prints, Tie-Dye, and more)

The right swimwear never fails to make a bold statement. A swimsuit that adds a little playfulness to your wardrobe is surely a good idea for this summer. Tropical and animal prints have been trending on the runways and in our swimwear collection, you are sure to find a variety of styles and shapes to flatter all body types all summer long. From leopard to gradient color effects, these vivid swimwear styles are sure to make your beach attire pop while making a huge statement.


  1. High Necks and High Waists

If you’re looking to stay trendy without stepping into the “print-zone” high-waisted and high neck swimsuits might be the way to go. Some may have hesitations about whether or not to invest in this trend, but you should set all your doubts aside. High neck and waistlines are great for creating optical illusions allowing you to serve curves for days. With these silhouettes making the waist look narrower, this is a sure way to look chic while keeping it simple. 

  1. Bandage and Cutouts

Put your covered-up one pieces to the side. If this list of new and trendy swimwear hasn’t made you aware that swim is taking on new shapes, then you need to keep reading. Aside from new prints and higher waist, cutouts, peek-a-boos, and bandage are going to be all the rage this summer. Whether paired with long-sleeve, short-sleeve, one-piece or bikini, these little spaces for skin add a fashionable twist to even the most modest of swimwear.

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