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Taurus Fashion by Kailah Kloes

Taurus Fashion by Kailah Kloes


Taurus Fashion by Kailah Kloes 

     As of a few days ago, it is Taurus time! For those who don’t know, people who are Taurus are born between April 22nd and May 22nd. This is time for Taurus to shine, and their wardrobe especially so.


So, what is in a Taurus’ wardrobe?


A Green Velvet Dress or Shirt

  • As velvet is something many own nowadays, it only would be natural for a Taurus to have at least one green velvet item in her closet. Typically it would be a darker green, or some kind of emerald green.


Gold accessories

  • Tauruses are known to value money a lot, and what could do that more than having gold accessories, especially necklaces and rings. And perhaps a nose ring of some kind.


Something Ethereal

  • Some Taurus’s love money, but some Taurus people are also naturally down-to-earth, given that their element is Earth. With that, many people that are Taurus have an ethereal feel to them, and dress the part with a soft, spring look. Perhaps they adorn a flower crown, or a long elegant dress, or a soft pastel shirt. Or they could wear earth-toned colors like warm browns.


Light Fabrics

  • Given the time of the year, it is natural for people to prefer lighter fabrics. This is especially so with Taurus, as light fabrics are both comfortable and exude their inner softness through their stubborn, headstrong appearance. This includes chiffons, satins, and silks, and they love wearing tops made of this material.


The time of the Taurus is now upon us in 2020, and hopefully this year they will shine as they always have.


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