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The Fashion of Face Mask By Kyla Outen

The Fashion of Face Mask By Kyla Outen

The Fashion of Face Mask By Kyla Outen




With many people still adjusting to life during a pandemic, there is still a need to dress to impress. For those of you who are really looking to make a statement, a new mask is probably what you’re looking for. If you haven’t had a chance to notice, masks are currently on everyone’s minds. Set a part from most fashion statements, it was a trend born out of necessity, care for people, and the health of our country. But the origin of this trend doesn’t matter. What matters is that masks are no longer an option; they are a must have! Even if we are only going outside to do routine daily task, such as walking the dog, we must wear masks whenever we decide to roam outside. With that being said, it’s not shocking to discover that fashion has taken advantage of this quarantine period to notice the opportunity to accessories.

As face coverings are being required in public, fashion brands have decided to create masks, while adding personality and flare to attract consumers. While brands update their campaigns by incorporating charitable components to their designs, and styling their campaign images with masks that match the trending sundresses of summer 2020, we can’t help but wonder which mask are best to invest in. Here are some of the unique mask trends that you should consider buying right now.

A Mask With A Pattern

A strong pattern such as camo, as well as animal print, are no stranger to women’s fashion this summer. So it’s no surprise that face mask have gone from plain to patterned so quickly. By keeping the outfit of the day simple, you can jazz up your look with a mask that stands out. Patterned mask add a playful touch of beauty that can be seen from a mile away, giving you a chance to stay safe yet stay bold in your accessories.

Ruffles and Lace

If you feel that a crazy pattern just won’t do, you can try turning your “mask-game” up a notch through embellishments. With accents such as shimmering lace and soft ruffles, mask like these are the perfect way to unleash the girly girl in you. Ruffles and lace are bound to add a delicate and polished look to your wardrobe. Therefore, these mask details are great for dressing up any outfit you choose to step out into the world in.


Who doesn’t love a good use of embroidery? Whether in the form of decorative patterns, words, or phrases, the once clothing only trend is now moving into new territory: mask territory! These mask were made for self expression and are worth the purchase if you are detail oriented. Even if you aren’t, these mask are a cute way of letting the world know what matters to you.

Based off of everything happening in the world around us, it’s no surprise that brands are choosing to roll out stylish, nice-looking masks. They are not only a smart way to encourage consumers to be cautious, but they also have the ability to help people get over their resistance to face mask in general.  By making mask fashionable and accessible, brands are hoping that people will overlook the fact that they are forced to wear mask. Instead, brands such as Grrly Grrls, are emphasizing mask as a cool way to express themselves. All in all, if you’re looking to stock up on a variety of mask, the Grrly Grrls face mask collection is the ultimate destination to find all these trends and more.


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