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The Future of Chanel?

The Future of Chanel?



The Future of Chanel

                   Since the death of great Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, there have been more questions than answers over who will run the  House of Chanel. Now that many have sufficed that there is a lack of communication and a deep power struggle. If you witnessed what Karl Lagerfeld did for chanel, you would be amazed. Since he channeled Coco Chanel and gave it all he got imagination wise, featuring fantastical themes that included a huge spacecraft, a replica of the eiffel tower and a Chanel-branded supermarket.

                 He took the lead at Chanel for over 30 years and used everything he knew about creativity and poured it out at every detail. His passing has made a doubtful return to classics? However his death has caused a void for Chanel and for Fendi as well.

             Chanel has already named Virginie Viard, an unknown industry insider to helm Chanel. It was known now that Virginie was Karl’s right handed woman for over 30 years and helped him with his plight for creativity and control over access for designs and iconic shows. Her being the replacement has raised eyebrows, but no matter his death will affect everyone’s work.

             Karl Lagerfeld is deeply missed and his creative side is also remembered as well, such in an interview with one of his friends. He remarked “ “Today, not only have I lost a friend, but we have all lost an extraordinary creative mind,” Alain Wertheimer, Chanel’s chief executive, said in a statement confirming the German designer’s death on Tuesday at 85. “Thanks to his creative genius, generosity and exceptional intuition, Karl Lagerfeld was ahead of his time, which widely contributed to the house of Chanel’s success throughout the world.”

            Who knows when things will change for the better, hopefully not for the worst. Karl Lagerfeld broke ground as a hard spoken and non timid designer that spoke his mind and focused on making designs perfect while making his fashion shows a thing of  perfection too.

         He served both Fendi and Chanel with pizazz and charm and it is no wonder now we speak of what he had done today. Although, he was a controversial figure in the fashion world ,when he flashed a sly smile and told what he had to say about controversial themes or events, he did not bite his tongue and made sure his opinion mattered. Aiming for the truth and ceasing for action.                      

          His reluctance to retire and his private fight against cancer will remain as a struggle but also a will to fight and win over the disease. All in all, many will try to criticize the new head designer of chanel but there will be those that will support Virginie’s next move. Chanel will always remain Chanel and whoever seems to take the crown, there will be no more emptiness and a lost hunger for great designs and great concepts. Because that is what Karl Lagerfeld was a leader that fulfilled our hunger for the classic and beautiful.



 Veronica Felipe

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