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The Kardashian’s Are Fashion

The Kardashian’s Are Fashion


The Kardashian’s Are Fashion


              Many people are not crazy about reality stars. There is so much to surmise that many tend to toy around with the thought of who is considered silly or whose considered seriously intriguing. There are reality stars that are bringing themselves up as fashion and beauty icons and some actually earned the distinction of being the best of the best. That title can go to in actuality to any reality television show star, but in this modern time, there are the Kardashians.

                                 They have hit us hard with their over the top behavior and their sexiness but many have found faith in what they do say and wear. It seems that none cannot replace them and their significance to their inspirational rising strength is as strong as the ratings to their show.

                                Many can see Kim Kardashian as the head of the kardashian clan, but many have not knocked  out the rest of the famed family. Though they may stand for more than just selfies and social status, but times have changed. Because there is social media to mention to their popularity and celebrity stardom.

                                   Many have encouraged the Kardashians to start lines of clothing and beauty products. In fact, they serve as ambassadors for this age. Making appearances at many events and  channeling the days of the golden era of classic celebrities. Everyone not only knows them by their names and looks. They Inspire many young women to dress like them and use their fragrances etc..

                                  The Kardashians have truly the power to make themselves useful. They have not worsened our times of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but they work their ways around the hope that maybe they can increase more numbers of strong business type women. For many have labeled them “ The New Feminist”

                                 They are surely acting as if they are and experts have decided that they are. The Kardashians do not play nice with their clothing and what they wear is fully trendsetting. They have rocked the pant suit and they have shown ripped clothing as a better way to show skin, but up until now, many have passed up watching the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, still there are followers and admirers.

                         They loved to see their transformation from being pretty to outrageously gorgeous. Through their show, there spawned a supermodel, a beauty mogul and a producer. Many can see that what the Kardashians do now will last for generations to come. It has come to mind that they though they have made millions of money, they have used their money wisely and made their recent appearance to the Met gala a wonderful bartage of glamour and beauty.

                            They have served as the icons that we will never have to blame ourselves for liking because the Kardashians used their celebrity status to influence the millennials to better themselves. In fact, they have the visible power to complete the process of instant freshness and instant celebrity. There is no doubt that the Kardashians have alerted us to what is hot and what is not. So, we could all learn a thing from the Kardashians.  


Veronica Felipe 

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