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The Other World of Fashion by Kailah Kloes

The Other World of Fashion by Kailah Kloes


The Other World of Fashion by Kailah Kloes


If you have ever wondered what each planet of our solar system’s fashion would look like, you have come to the right place! Just like how every planet has their distinct characteristics, each would likely have their own sense of fashion as well.



As Mercury is one of the hottest planets, you would most certainly prefer summer shorts and tank tops. However, wearing heavier fabrics such as denim, cotton, and corduroy would be in their wardrobe. This person would prefer shades of warm browns and oranges. They also own and often wear their favorite slightly wrinkled corduroy shorts with their favorite pair of sandals.



This is the hottest planet in the solar system, and this person would wear feminine clothing made of chiffon or satin, like dresses and skirts. They prefer lighter yellows, pinks, and oranges. Despite the lighter shades, she makes a statement with her fashion, especially her six-inch strappy stilettos, which can make others both amazed and intimidated.



This person would wear either eco-friendly clothing or thrifted clothing. This person loves rich blues, greens, and browns. They would wear a range of clothing according to the temperature; anywhere from crop tops and shorts to heavy wool sweaters and heavy gear covering everything but their eyes. Their style changes periodically, except for the one ring they always wear, but as of now rests at mom jeans and oversized t-shirts.



This person loves anything red, and will forever love red items. This person also will be thinking about buying a ring, like Earth, very soon.



This person probably loves to wear oversized clothing. This person aims for a simple but chic kind of look. T-shirt dresses, baggy sweaters--you name it. This person also has a distinct mole they place on their face with makeup.



This person is most likely the most dazzling and flashy when it comes to their style. They adorn many accessories such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. They also have a mature, chic style, and wear luxury brands including gucci, versace, and louis vuitton.



This person would likely have an ethereal nature to their fashion choice. They would wear very flowy clothing like long flaring pants or midi skirts or dresses, and usually wear lighter-weight fabrics. They would wear beachy colors--various shades of cerulean blues and teals and also tend to experiment with their fashion in weird ways, but it works for them.



This person would tend to wear monochromatic colors, mainly white black and gray, but adds a touch of color to their outfits. This person also would wear mainly fall or winter clothing year round despite the weather warming up.



This person would like to have a little spunk in their fashion. Would most likely be an alternative fashionista, and would sport varying colors, especially a shirt with a heart on it. They wear any and all colors, but particularly reds, purples, and blues.


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