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The Passing of an American Fashion Icon

The Passing of an American Fashion Icon


The Passing of an American Fashion Icon

                                 Forever we will have in our hearts the greatest fashion heiress and fashion designing dynamo, Gloria Vanderbilt. Gloria Vanderbilt passed away earlier today from a persisting stomach cancer. She was 95. Gloria Vanderbilt was not only the one fashion heiress that grew up to be a wonderful and glamorous figure, but she led a great lifestyle, one filled with refined touches and amorous admirers.

                               Including her marriages and her children by her side. One of her sons, Anderson Cooper is a well known CNN journalist. In fact, he made a great obituary for his mother online and on Television. It was very sad and very interesting. You can learn a lot of someone from people who were close to her. She was said to be a generous person and a wonderful mother and wife.

                             As an adult in the 1970s, Vanderbilt became known in connection with a line of fashions, perfumes, and household goods bearing her name. She was particularly noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans. Even her personal style was very energetic and becoming. She did steal the spotlight early in her life, when there was a big custody over her. She grew up to dawn the moniker “ poor little rich girl”.

                            After putting things together, she became educated and attended the Miss Porter’s School and Wheelers School. She gained an artistic skill from Arts Student League of New York. She honed her art skills there and she quickly moved on to being an advanced learner. It was in the 50’s and 60’s that she studied acting. It was about this time as well that she  became an international fashion model. Becoming a hit at the tender age of 17.

                             Afterwards, it was in the 1970’s, she became a great fashion designer and fashion business magnate. She was worth more than 71 million dollars. Vanderbilt was married four times, divorced three times, and gave birth to four sons in all. She also had several other significant relationships.

                            Sadly, it was in 1988, when her young son Carter Vanderbilt Cooper took his own life by jumping from the families 14th floor apartment that Gloria was sadly witness to it. The whole tragic event was something that she will never forget. After this, Gloria changed. Her son Anderson Cooper expressed this many times in the media.

                        In her golden years, Gloria Vanderbilt done art works, writing and also accompanied her son Anderson Cooper in a documentary made by Anderson Cooper dedicated to their relationship.

                         Gloria Vanderbilt was not only a popular celebrity, but she also stood for a woman's place in the fashion world a success story and a beautiful woman that gave us a lot to wear and to exhibit. She was not only known as a millionaire but she also showed her philanthropic style and the trends she started with her name brand jeans and fragrances made her passing felt by many who knew her or knew of her and she will forever be unanimous as a woman of style and grace but also for her strength and battle scars

Veronica Felipe 

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