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The Rise of the Midi Dress by Luci Black

The Rise of the Midi Dress by Luci Black

Midi dresses have been iconic closet staples since 40’s and haven’t gone out of style since. These babies are the perfect mix of classy and trendy. They always seem to be in style and they can be translated into other seasons making them perfect for year long wear. Midi dresses are the perfect summer dress because they are the perfect length and they can be a simple way to make a bold statement. These timeless dresses can be styled with accessories and lots of layers but are also great because of their simple elegance.


Midi dresses are great to wear for whatever life may bring you. Midi dresses come in a variety of styles, textures and patterns. Whether you're going to the beach or out to dinner, midi dresses are always a great choice. In this article I’ll show you how to style a midi dress from day to night. With just a few great accessories and a couple of minutes you get a whole new look!


The dress I’ll be styling today is the Sheath Wrap Allure Dress. This dress comes in 7 wonderful spring ready shades and sizes range from small to extra large. It features a trendy turtleneck style neckline and its long sleeves make it perfect for cold summer nights or chilly spring days.


For your daytime look, start off by choosing what color midi you want. Brighter colors are perfect for a fresh day-time look. I would suggest yellow, white orange or pink. Any color works though! Style your makeup a little fresher, opt for more natural if you wear any at all. Day time is a great time to utilize florals and bolder patterns. I love sandals for the day time because they give off more casual and comfortable vibes. Try out these Transparent High Heel Sandal. These babies are the cutest chunky shoe are total closet staples. Throw on this adorable Flower Tree Ring and this adorable Y2K style butterfly necklace.Finish the look off with the cutest Floral Shoulder Bag.


For an evening or more formal look go for a darker dress (not that you can't style this look with a bright color). Once you have your color, add on this pair of Pointed Toe Heels. A pointed toe is so sexy and a great way to add some extra spice to your look. Add on a belt to break up the balance of the look a little as well as adding no a classy feel. For this styling I used a Chain Belt.  End the look with the fierce Snake Necklace from our website.


This dress is a must have for the summer season but is perfect to wear through the year! Add on all your favorite accessories and you’re all set!

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