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The Teens of Instagram

The Teens of Instagram

The Teens of Instagram


                     Many can fall slaves to fashion, but on instagram nowadays you can simply see the clothing trends come into the future. The fashionable circles that run instagram, mostly fashion influencers work so fast in grabbing that attention and that it is easy to make followers  follow their fashion finds. These treasures can garner an audience, but also make known that this generation of fashion forward individuals are addressed in public making it easy to enjoy  their youth.

                                             If you feast your eyes on any of these quick witted fashionistas, you can clearly see that fashion can come in every corner of the world and make perfect sense again. Here are the top ten fashion trends on instagram so far this year:

1. The rain coat

You can see that this year, especially in California, the weather has been wet and rainy. It is always easy to enjoy your pair of wellies, but raincoats? You can see them in many colors and patterns, though on instagram, they are checkered.

2. Backless tops

There is nothing sexier than showing off your backside. You would never strike just one type in wearing this trend, but it is nothing annoying. It is basic in the front but in the back it is plain sexy!

3. Little Black Dress

Who said that the little black dress is out as a trend? The little black dress is always and will possibly always be the fashion trend of all fashion trends. Even women defended this style when it came to Spring and Summer usage.

4. Puffer Vest

It is great to use a puffer vest in Spring? Many note that it is way to wearing this, but you can see it on the hottest days. You can pair it with a midriff and jean shorts.

5. Tweed heels

Fall 2019 is becoming the time to launch many great shoe styles. As soon as you know it, here comes tweed heels! They are not new but scream out a signature accessory. So, out with the loafers and in with the tweed! You can even pair them with colorful trousers.

6. Dad fleece

You do not have to budge when creating the look of the dad fleece trend. The power of a dad can even break through more this year! Last season was dad sneakers.

7. Ruffles

Despite ruffles taking over the fashion trends last season, it seems that it is taking over this year as well. It is perfect for those hot days in Spring and Summer 2019

8. Party dresses

In this time, nothing  surprises anyone, but party dresses.They are soon to be worn casually.They are even being comfortably used over a pair of jeans!

9. Tie- Dye

What is more hippie like then tye dye? It is raising no flags because this look is capturing followers and fashion copy catters alike. With its versatility and coolness.

10. The final trend? Feathers

Many women will break hearts with this trend. Not only is it chic and feminine, but it isn’t loud but graceful.


Whatever trend is wholesome or effected on instagram followers this year, it is anyone’s take what trends will be renewed in 2020.


Veronica Felipe

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