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Tiffany Inspired Jewelry

Tiffany Inspired Jewelry

Tiffany Inspired Jewelry

                                    We all experienced  seeing ourselves with glowy and shiny jewelry, but never really cared for the structure or material. When we share designer jewelry, we see style and fashion that is out of this world! We delve into its past and make sure that we can see ourselves actually wearing it. This is true with sterling silver jewelry and not only fine gold jewelry that seems to dismiss the past and makes it more challenging.

                                      If we see sterling silver jewelry, the first thing that comes into mind is “ Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the store Tiffany's, although many jewelry designers are coming out with new sterling silver stylings and accessories that simply scream out designer and refinement. For instance, in the 2002 movie “ Legally Blonde” when Reese Witherspoon dawned out wearing Tiffany around her neck and wrist, many people took noticed and the entire look sold out right away. Even copycatters tried their best to hide the fact that they were using counterfeit replicas and sold these piece without the people’s knowledge.

                                   Many street vendors took for granted the necessity for a Tiffany inspired piece and made fools of those that wanted to spare a couple of dollars and wear what they thought was a Tiffany made piece. Which is awful and would make any consumer angry.

                                         Tiffany has seen their fair share of  new and modern campaigns. Even those featuring young, hot, Hollywood celebrities and famous runway models. You can see them posing ever so seductively while wearing the jewelry. Letting those realize that silver is just as fancy and high end as diamonds or gold. The tiffany motto is to stay real and to show that any type of jewelry is included with any wardrobe and get up.

                                        For Tiffany has been around for many years and has earned its place as did the house of Chanel or even Gucci. Tiffany has come a long way to be discriminated for its sterling silver style and its light blue packaging, which has made those collectables to some who love Tiffany! In fact, besides Henry Bledel and Chanel's famous packaging, such as bags and boxes, Tiffany comes a slight first.

                                     Overall, Tiffany inspired jewelry has made many vendors happy and it has made Tiffany just as popular because they are gracious at the fact that they aren’t exactly copying or taking their business away but being inspired and mentored by a great and powerfully rich company. Who made Audrey Hepburn a star and had millions of women wanting more from them. If Tiffany was never to be then Audrey Hepburn will probably get her morning fix at  bloomingdales? Life will be strange and funny like that.

                                      It seems that Designer jewelry has come so far too and made others know its histories. For jewelry should be gladly worn and adorned and never ignored or neglected. What Tiffany has done has made life simply gorgeous! And had made the millions of budding fashionistas love them as well as talk about them. 


Veronica Felipe


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